I Can’t Believe They Are Going to Be Two Tomorrow

Alternate titles for this post are:
a) Alison said she liked photos from behind.
b) Hey Look! My Camera has a Sepia Setting.

Feel free to add your own captions.

(to see more pictures of The Goon Squad in sepia, and color, and black and white check out my flickr account. I have posted a ton of new photos on there in the last week or so. Can you tell I got a new camera for an early Mother’s Day gift?)

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  1. when the picture came up i thought “AWWW” my 2 year old screamed “That’s Dora!” – different priorities eh? LOL

    Happy birthday to your little ones

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    So what are you getting them, because my daughter turns two on Saturday and I’m stumped. So far I’ve got wee wooden boats to put in her paddling pool. I feel lame.

    perhaps a piano!

  3. Happy birthday, Goon Squad! ~ From the Ghetto Park Kids.

  4. Now I am really worried! I noticed Dora, too, and I looked to see what kind of kids couch they were on – and then I said, “Awwwww.”

    Happy birthday, Goons!

    caption: “Stop with the Bethoven, already! I prefer Bach – or Elmo!”

  5. This is actually The Goon Squad’s cousin’s couch (they’re each getting one tomorrow, shhh)

  6. I’m so jealous of everybody’s new camera – you, Tammy, Odd Mix. Everybody and their uncle (or at least their linking blogs) is getting a new camera. I am SO jonesing for a new camera. The six-year-old Fuji has served me well, but the ten-minute shutter lag is driving me nuts.

    Must. Get. New. Small. Electronics. . .

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