Even Dora is in on it.

We were watching “Dora the Explorer” (as usual) and today they ran the “Feliz Cumpleanos” episode and “The Wiggles” ran Dorothy’s Birthday Party. I can only assume Noggin knows that it is The Goon Squad’s second birthday today.

Let’s Recap:
November 2003

May 2004
(photo by Tammy) .

May 2005
(photo by Becky)

April 2006

Happy Birthday guys. Maybe we’ll get some sleep this year.

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  1. Happy Birfday Twin Units! Now go to sleep!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Claudia and Ian!

  3. Happy Goon Squad Day!

    Is everyone feeling better?

  4. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday Ian and Claudia!

  5. Yay Happy Birthday!!

    Now go play with all your new toys!

  6. Happy Birthday Goon Squad!


    Feliz cumpleaños a la escuadrilla del goon

    Sleep?? Who needs sleep??

  7. Seriously! I now declare it Goon Squad Day! I love that Lumpyhead’s Mom!

  8. AGH! Happy birthday! Love britt zoe and john

  9. Happy Birthday Good Squad! Looking forward to the cake face photos.

  10. Happy Birthday Goon Squad! Even as a newborn and baby Claudia looked just like you.

  11. Happy Birthday Ian and Claudia, cut your parents some slack this year hey? Only get into 1/2 the trouble you want instead of all. Stay cute!

    my three year old saw their photos and said “Mamma, I want to say hi to the little guys”

  12. Happy Birthday Cuties! I miss you (all four of you). And congrats to Sarah and Gabe for making it through two years without sleep! I commend you!

  13. Happy Birthday, Ian and Claudia. Ask your mom to show you how to party!

  14. Wow something about the image of your duplexed womb really brings home what a trip, twins delivery must be. Crap, lady, tough stuff.

    They are such dear little ones. Happy birthday.

  15. I’m late but holy crap are they adorable. Happy Late Birthday!!

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