Randomness Part 35

Have you ever gotten your contact stuck up under your eyelid? That crap freaks me out.

A month or two ago I had no idea how to even use Bloglines. Now I am hopelessly addicted to it. I subscribe to 117 feeds. (read this as, I subscribe to everyone reading this, plus ESPN). I don’t even use my own links anymore. I feel liberated.

Does anyone need anything from Casual Living?
88x31 static logo
I’m just asking, because if you do they will give me money if you buy it through that link.

Whoever keeps searching for Doodlebops without makeup. Here you go.

Two years ago today I had two babies and a blood transfusion. I don’t know which is scarier.

I created these two cards for Helene’s Super Mom Gallery. You should go check it out. I realize normal people only make one of these, but it’s really fun. Maybe that is where Ian gets his OCD from. (“Mommy shoes? Mommy shoes? Mommy shoes? Mommy shoes?”)

For more Mother’s Day goodness go to Kara’s site (Cape Buffalo) and see all of the essays on Mother’s Day that she has collected.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Ha! We got the Elmo birthday hats too! Glad I am not the only adult wearing that. And yes I have had a contact stuck in my eyelid for days. It is a long story but let’s just say I that is part of the reason why I wear glasses. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. You’re sending me everywhere with the links and DON’T tell me how much you love Bloglines because I just canNOT have one more addiction at this time.

    A later time? Yes.

    So glad you put up the pic in the party hat cuz I lurrvve it.

  3. Happy birthday to the Goon Squad!

    Bloglines. Ugh. I was addicted to it too, but couldn’t keep up. AT ALL. Now I visit when I can, and have chilled out considerably.

    Love your cards!

  4. Love the Elmo hats. We did Elmo for our son’s first birthday. This year we’ll have to do his new love, Thomas.

  5. Your trading car is so cute. THANKS for that Doodlebop link, those guys are pretty good looking considering they make thme look like freaks!
    Have a GREAT Mothers Day!

  6. happy mother’s day you awesome mom! you amaze me!

    love britt

  7. That shot is definitely “motherly”! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. if you wanna see some more pictures of the doodlebops out of make-up, check out my fansite: http://www.deedeerooneymoe.net

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