All Worth It

On Mother’s Day I got up at 6:00 am with the boy. Claudia got up at 6:30. Later, when the kids were taking their nap, I went out and bought paint and went grocery shopping.

But I came home to this:

As a mother, I spend a lot of time wondering what kind of job I am doing. There aren’t any reviews or evaluations or raises or promotions. When I see something like this (she was strapped in properly, the made Gabe get a bib for her and they were feeding her Cheerios) I realize that beyond the alphabet, colors, and songs I am teaching them how to eventually be parents themselves. When I see this, I feel like I am doing a good job.

I have also heard both of them count all the way up to 14 by themselves in the past couple of days.

Even though my Mother’s Day itself was dedicated to a birthday celebration for the kids, it is all worth it because my kids have given me the greatest Mother’s Day present I can think of (besides just the new camera). They both learned how to say “I love you” this week.

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  1. That is too sweet! You are such a wonderful mom, Sarah, it’s so obvious! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Now that’s a great Mother’s Day!

  3. So. Jealous.

    That’s so much better than the shunning Lumpyhead gave me for Mother’s Day.

    Plus, 14? That means you have to buy more than one case of beer for the two of them, if they don’t share their counting equipment. Cool.

  4. They are so, freaking sweet…

    Happy(late) Mother’s day, darlin…

  5. love this picture! i have goosebumps! your kids are so cool sarah – i wish i could have spent more time with them. seeing them play with zoe makes me so happy. good job!

  6. Ok. how cool is it when they can say I love you. Ug. It kills me everytime I hear it.

  7. What a great validation of the great job you are doing with them. Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  8. Oh my gosh, what a great present for them to say, “I love you.” Your heart must have grown 100 times it size. Plus they’re imitating you, how awesome is that?!

  9. AAAAWWW, how sweet! I can’t wait til mine can say that. Or anything, really. But especially I love you. That’s really the best Mom’s Day gift ever.

  10. you can have the crappiest day ever and they can be the naughtiest but they bust out with the I Love You and forget it. All is good in the world.

  11. Oh my, is that the “Motherly” photo? Because if so, that is PERFECT. What a cute photo!!

  12. did you buy the paint for something you anticipate me smashing in the future?

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