According to site meter, I have had somewhere around 50 hits from people searching for either “Brad Pitt” or “Brad Pitt cup” on Google Image. The interesting thing is that I’ve never actually posted a picture of Brad Pitt. One time – a long time ago a posted a link to a picture of him. But I just tried it and I am the #1 option for “Brad Pitt Cup”. Um. Okay. I’m posting the picture here, so you know what everyone is so jacked up about. It turns out he is holding a cup in this picture. That explains a lot.

Here are some searches with good grammar:

What do goon mean?

sarah and zoe home and way pictures

Here are some that make me feel guilty:

aaron cheated on bridgette with sarah

sarah in diaper

Here is one that makes me feel important:

sarah mother of all nation

One that is mean:

sarah is a poop

And some that are just confusing

goon riding videos

wiggles suicide fruit salad

brush making in norway

Oh – If you are interested go over to Child’s Play x 2 and see my piece on Family Traditions. It turns out I don’t have any.

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  1. You have to have some family traditions. Sunday football??? Viking hats?

    I almost think we have too many here.

  2. I bet I have called you a poop at least once.

  3. Didn’t you post a picture of the the Bradley/Pittsburgh NCAA Tourney game?

  4. QoS: Everyone watches football, and I don’t count owning viking hats as a tradition… it’s more of a, I don’t know, drunken purchase? Affectation?

    Beau: So it was you?

    Kaiser – AT least I’m not the one cheating on Bridgette – oh wait.

  5. First of all, I fell in love with Brad Pitt over that damn movie ‘Legends in the Fall.’ Though, I saw it all in Spanish since I was living in Spain at the time. Still, did not take away from his hotness. Don’t like him anymore though, got over him.
    Will check out your links!

  6. MotV – too bad his dashing good looks couldn’t make up for how bad that movie was.

  7. I have gotten more than one search for random silly words. Can’t people make up their own?

  8. Aaron…..I thought what we had was REAL.

    You bastard.

    Well I’m not having your baby now!

  9. You’re lucky! I keep getting a zillion hits from people in Germany searching for Cameltoe.

  10. Wiggles suicide fruit salad? Sounds horrific. Or interesting. Would depend upon one’s mood, I suppose.

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