Trader This, Joe

The Squad and I went to Trader Joe’s the other day. I am always excited when we go there, because we didn’t have one near our house in Tampa, and everyone is always telling me how great it is.

You can’t even buy scallions there. I was so disappointed. Plus I had a hard time finding a kind of beer I liked there. And I’m not that picky.

And to add isult to injury, I bought some blackberries there that Ian ate way to fast and he puked a ton of blackberries up in the dining room.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to throw away the towels I used to clean up the mess.

Damn you Trader Joes.

(ps – If I like the wine I bought all will be forgiven. Except really, you should have scallions)

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  1. I feel like I should be a huge Trader Joe’s fan. People whose opinions I respect rave about the wonder that is Trader Joe’s. Bump and I feel like we are the target market. We hear all the glowing praise for Trader Joe’s. But . . .

    Our experiences with the prepared foods have been hit-and-miss, it doesn’t have produce section to speak of (as you noted), and the parking lot is a fricken disaster.

    I’m with you, and I don’t even have to throw away any towels.

  2. Although the wines are very good. My entire family will go there just to buy wine.

  3. Trader Joe’s for us isn’t a place to go grocery shopping for staple items. It’s a bonus item place. Because it’s a discount place, they don’t have regular things all the time, and sometimes they don’t even have the non-regular things you want. So you can’t really grocery shop there…unless your list is very flexible. We have found some things we love there, and you can get good deals, it’s just never on anything you actually need.

  4. oh man — you’ve just dashed my hopes and dreams. here in n.c. we’ve got Whole Foods out the wazoo and we’ve just gotten an Earth Fare but we’ve got no Trader Joe’s. i’ve always gotten the impression from my [oakland] friends that Trader Joe’s is the answer to all of life’s questions. but it isn’t? what do i turn to now?

    perhaps the season finale of Lost will imbue my life with new meaning.

  5. It’s the answer if the question is:

    a) Where can I find some peach/chipotle salsa


    b) Where can I buy wine for 3.95 a bottle


    c) Where can you NOT find scallions.

  6. Scallions? I have yet to find a grocery store in my neck of the woods to have scallions.

  7. I actually have a nice crop of scallions in my garden. No lie. You can have them if you come get them.

  8. Trader Joes just came to Manhattan and you’d think it was the Playboy Mansion. People are going nuts for it. I love it there but then, I’m not a cook.

  9. my closest TJ’s is like 45 minutes away, and I’m never that impressed. what do I buy? bouquets of flowers. whoopee. my fave wine buying place is World Market. what kinda store doesn’t sell scallions?

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