Ever since Monday, this is the game that Claudia wants to play ad nauseam.

It usually goes pretty well, unless Ian’s baby wants the red bowl…

… or the green cup, or the fork on the left.

The day I found out I was going to have twins, a nurse at my obstetrician’s office (who had twins herself) told me this and I’m telling you right now; twin parents BUY TWO OF EVERYTHING, and don’t think you can be clever and get a yellow ball and a purple ball and everything will be fine. Just get two yellow balls. I’ve heard the argument that “Oh, I’m not going to spoil my twins, or waste my money, they will learn how to share”. I say. Fine, but since I was planning on spoiling my kids anyway, I’d really rather not hear Claudia screech about “red booooooooowwwwwllllllll, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” (picture above taken right before this actual event).

Now I’ve got to go get some cookies for The Goon Squad’s babies. My “Grandchildren” seem to ask for cookies a lot.

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  1. This post has been removed by the author.

  2. How awesome. You have Goon Squadlings. Two of them.

  3. I just found you and I think you’re hilarious. Was reading you from Child’s Play and Kemp’s blog.

    Your kids are beautiful. And your grandchildren look just like you.

  4. So is it true what they say – being a grandmother is so much easier? Your grandchildren look like such placid quiet little babies :-)

  5. What adorable twins you have! And the grandbabies are darling. *S*

  6. Been there… done that. Other twins parents told us the same thing…

    We tried every once in a while when The PB & The J were younger to buy only one thing… that idea quickly went the way of the dinosaur.

    Sometimes it’s just easier to spoil than to listen to screaming.

  7. hilarious! poor claudia though – ian looks a little too smug there.

  8. The day is too short to have upset kids. Smart thinking on your part.

  9. I think we have those same grandbabies here?

  10. Those people who say they will teach their kids to share haven’t had kids yet. Share? What’s that?

    Now that my twins are older [six] they want different things. My son, Spencer wants video games and Power Rangers and my daughter, Skyler wants Barbies and hair pretties. So we have less fighting. And by less I mean not 24/7. More like 23/7…because we still have the “he has more ice cream then me, she got to go to the store with you last time, did you buy me a new shirt too, and on and on and on” conversations. It never ends. :)

  11. Maybe I shouldn’t send that package to them (the one that is still sitting on my floor). It only has one thing for each & they are different.

    Everytime I look at the twins in my class & think how cool it would be to have twins, you post something like this…

    Anyway, mine are over 2 years apart & sometimes we have the same issue, although I doubt it is even close to comparison!

  12. I used to laugh at my husband when he said that our kids wouldn’t do this. Oh, could I tell he was an only child! Now he knows that everything has to be even and equal. Or they’ll get out a ruler and measure it to be sure.

  13. hey, at least each of them didn’t have twins.

  14. oh man. we see that face so often around here, even at age almost-four. but we just. can’t. buy. two. of. every. effing. thing. sometimes there just aren’t two exact duplicates in the store. like the other day. we went to get new toothbrushes. zoe and lucy could not choose something that they had two of. blue cinderella? nope. there’s one yellow cinderella and one blue. how about a purple dora? oh, nope. there’s a purple and a green — does that work? no. ok. um. hey! how about instead we buy these matching knife blocks!

    congratulations on becoming a grandmother, btw. you look fabulous!

  15. My children are out to get me. They seek out the toys that are *unique* in the masses of toys we have around here just so they can fight over them. I try, I really do, to have everything THE EXACT SAME, but grandparents (and my sister, she of only one child and doesn’t ever want another one, who knows everthing)are not so good at that.

    Also, they will find the one speck of green paint or scratch on the *exact same toy* and that one will become the prized possession they fight over. UGH!!!

  16. I have only caved on this issue twice…..once was one of those little soft squishy toddler books that Enfamil sent us. It was black and white and mostly BORING except that at the age of six months it was the scene of some of the WORST Baby fights I have ever seen. I ended up having another mom in Twins Club give me one of hers.
    The other one I can’t remember, but I know that there is something we have two of…….oh yes – LIGHTSABERS.
    Yes, they are two, and they have lightsabers.

    Star Wars is very big around here.

    I think the needing two of everything THING is probably only a big deal if your twins play together. Mine seem to be annoyed by one another.

  17. I usually try to get my Okapis (3.5 yr old boy/girl twins) two of a similar thing. Getting just one often ends up being a disaster. The things can be the same but different – different color balls, different dolls, etc. Equal but different. And then, thankfully, they learned a very important word.


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