No, I’m not pregnant.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep and my thoughts were wandering I started thinking about a friend I had in Jr. High. She was named after her mother.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with a woman naming her daughter after herself. It isn’t a traditionally accepted thing to do in our culture, but I don’t see it as different from a man naming his son “Carl Jr.” (I just realized that Carl. Jr. is food if you live out west. I must be hungry) or “George III* or whatever. I guess you just don’t hear the daughters being named after their mothers as much unless they are royalty. I think I know why.

What woman in her right mind would set herself up to be referred to as “Big Vivian”?

* I knew this couple when I was younger and the boyfriend was named (and this is not his real name) Steven York Smith III. The girlfriend would get mad at him and say “Shut up York! You third.” That has cracked me up for years.

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  1. I would have liked another Erin or Aaron. But in our family, that just didn’t make sense.

  2. Aunt Bob.

    She’s Aunt Bob II.

    Or Aunt Bob the Younger.

    Well, you get the drift. She’s now got Pete’s last name tacked on to hers, but she’s grew up with the same name as her mother.

    I always assumed it was a southern thing.

    And third is like six flavors of awesome.

    But what’s up with George Foreman naming all his sons George? I get naming one kid after yourself, but all of them? That’s just odd.

  3. Do they call her Mom “Big Aunt Bob”?

    You know what I mean?

    Do they call her “Big Vivian”?

  4. My middle name is after an aunt. Her nickname is “Bimp”. To this day those cousins call me “Little Bimp”. Do you know how humiliating that is?

  5. For real, Sarah! You are so right, but I must confess:

    My father is Frank Sr., and my brother is Frank Jr.

    We had to go through life with Frank and Frankie, Jr.

    My poor brother is 15 now and he hates being called Frankie or Jr. He just wants to be frank.

    Frankly, (haha! Didja get that pun?) I think his name should have been Arthur.

  6. Aunt Bob’s mom is called “Judge.”

    Or Big Momma.

    Not Big Aunt Bob, because she might just order the heavens to rain fire upon you and the ground to open up and swallow you whole.

    Because she could.

  7. All that AND she beat me on the NCAA brackets?

  8. How else do you explain George Mason’s wins?

  9. This explains a lot.

  10. ok, i was on a conference call whilst reading this and when i got to “big vivian” i lauged so hard, I had to orchestrate a mock-coughing fit just to cover it up.

  11. wordsmith says:

    My husband is a third. I told him there will be NO FOURTH coming out of my sassy.

    I just think it’s low class. Maybe it used to mean something, but I’m damned if I can think what, other than your son will get your mail and his mixed up for life.

    Even with royalty, did they name their sons after themselves? It always seemed like the names skipped around. Edward had Henry, then his son was named Edward II, or something.

    My future in-laws were so upset when I told them I would not be naming my as yet still unconceived son after the other 3…My FIL got all snooty at my wedding reception and I overheard him telling someone, “Yeah, if they have a boy someday they’re gonna name it SIDNEY”.

    I guess that was the worst name he could think of, but no fears, Dad, that doesn’t even make the short list.

    Now that my father in law is dead, if I ever do have a boy I know the pressure will be on even more.

    TOUGH. How about some individuality and originality, people?! Or at least honor them with a middle name…

    Does anyone else think this is a redneck custom, or is it just me?

    And Frankie is hideous beyond words. I don’t blame him, maybe he should try for Ted.

  12. There’s Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. I always thought that was weird.

  13. I don’t even like men named after their dads. Maybe it’s the Jew in me, although my dad is a junior. actually he’s officially the third, but his mother changed his middle name because she was worried people would call him “PGG The Turd.”

    I like the idea of family names, or honoring a deceased relative, but otherwise it just makes me uncomfortable. (sorry if I just offended like half of america)

  14. hmmm…
    i asked my hubby about this earlier, would he name his son after him?

    he said it could be an option…

    oh nooo!

    alhtough…i always like the sound of JR…

    btw, nice blog, i had nice reading 😀


  15. my kids are named after relatives (first and middles) but no Jr.s here. When my husband was a baby his great gramma asked my mother in law what she named him and she said Kirk and great gramma said, “Oh, that’s too bad. He can change it when he’s older” My MIL was shocked to say the least. I got clearance from my gramma on my daughter since she’s named after gramma and her sister.

    I’m not a fan of the Jr names and yet I lust, er, like Dale Jr. Hmmm.

  16. I think the whole naming sequence of Jr’s, III, IV and so on is stupid.

    There were 4 kids in my family. We all had first names that were all our own (no jr’s) My sister and one of my brothers middle names were after grandparents.

    My brother in law comes from a family where every make has the middle name ‘Keith’. So I now have two nephews whose middle names are what else, ‘Keith’.

    As I said….stupid.

  17. I used to know a guy in highschool whose name was something like Steve Worthman. He always signed his name Steven W. Worthman I – the first – because he was anticipating a long dynasty of Steven W Worthmans! Such arrogance was not to be tollerated – I made fun uf him without mercy.

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