Baby Bird

Am I the only one that plays this game with their kids? I’ll have a pretzel sticking out of my mouth and I say “Baby Bird!” and one of the kids will take the pretzel out of mouth with his/her mouth. You know, like a bird feeds it’s babies except the food I give them isn’t regurgitated.

Anyway, Ian wanted to play this game with Teddy Grahams yesterday. I thought it was adorable because he approached me with the idea. The kids are just talking well enough to get their way, and occasionally be clever (Like the time my Mom asked Claudia if she had a poopy diaper and Claudia said “No, Ian poop.” Which was a lie, but a funny one, if you like bathroom jokes, and you guys know I do). So when Ian said “Baby Bird?” to me yesterday, of course I played along.

I told you guys that they have strep throat, right? Ugh.

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  1. Good luck fighting that one off!

  2. We do not play this game – WonderBaby does not eat real solid food yet, just mushed stuff, and I’m not up for regurgitating into her mouth the way some birds do.

    But I am totally going to do this once she is eating real food! So, so sweet!

  3. “Baby Bird” can’t be much more germy than a kiss, right? I think either your immune system will ward it off or it won’t – a couple rounds of spit swap (via Baby Bird or goodnight smoochies) won’t make you much more likely to catch it.

    My colleague recently had two bouts of strep, and her husband and son avoided it both times.

    But what the hell do I know?

    You know, beer kills germs. It could be just the preventive measure you’re looking for. Have two beers and call me in the morning.

  4. Have fun with your strep tomorrow! We play the Baby Bird game too.

  5. I’ve been known to put food into my mouth to cool it down…….and then give it to them.
    But I think I was sleep deprived.
    Oh wait……was that today or last year?

  6. Ug. Strep is no fun. At all. My kids have avoided it thus far…but I get it all the time.

    It’s really odd for them to get strep that young…I wonder where they picked it up???

    In other news…Hala keeps making my milk come out her nose. On purpose. She thinks its funny.

  7. Claudia is a smart little girl!

  8. Strep? Oh no! That’s no fun.

    Why do young children always, always lie about poopy diapers? I’ll smell one and ask my baby if she has a poo poo and she’ll solemnly shake her head no. Lately she’s resorted to saying, “No, mommy. Poo poo all gone!”

  9. I had strep seven times in one year – the docs finally had mercy on me and took out my tonsils. No more strep 😀

  10. If Ian is sick he’s dragging you down with him. Via cuteness!

  11. Being a non-parent I am unsure if this is uber cute or really gross.

  12. I love baby bird game, and I love to Baby Bird on Games. However, I’ve never BabyBirded a GAME LOL. ROFL1. However have you ever Gamed A Bird Baby?


    Not to be eaten, but chowed n’ chewed (y know! [I DON”””T know WHY! but i have a gue$$)



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