Two Year Check-Up

We went this morning for The Goon Squad’s two year doctor’s appointment. They are both tall for their age, they are both in the 60th percentile for weight and they both have 102 degree fevers and strep throat.

What the hell?

They were fine yesterday. I’ve had this doctor’s appointment scheduled for six weeks. How are they suddenly sick today? I don’t get it. But I know I have two miserable two year olds that have different ideas on how to be comforted when they are sick. Ian wants to sleep in my bed and Claudia wants to watch “The Wiggles”. I’m glad Ian finally fell asleep, because they do seem to agree on one thing. “Up Mommy”.

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  1. Strep sucks. Almost as much as The Wiggles (I just posted about them!).

    Hope the Goon Squad is feeling better SOON. 😉

  2. At least you got it all taken care of at once. Better than making two trips to the doctor–one for the check up and then another for the strep/fever. One co-pay! One trip loading them in the car! See? Now isn’t it a GREAT day???

    (you’re welcome)

  3. I’ll add that at least they got sick at the same time and didn’t start that vicious cycle. This would be one time you DON’T want them to share.

    Feel better soon G Squad

  4. That sucks. Get better!

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