Weekend Word Challenge #3

This is my entry for Odd Mix’s Weekend Word Challenge #3. The words were “mirror” and “missing”.


In a cruel act of irony, my computer decided to eat all of the pictures I had in my iphoto library from January until May 5, so my picture of “missing” is, in fact, missing.


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  1. You lost ALL your pictures from that time period?! I would DIE!!! Must back mine up NOW.

    Great mirror, btw.

  2. Yes, I feel sick.

    Does anybody know how to recover lost things on a mac?

  3. great yin yang shot. love it.

  4. I would take it straight to the apple store. Tell them what happened and see if they can restore them or refer you to someone who can. It should be possible, but it may be expensive.

    And I really love the miror.

  5. KDubs recently went through the same thing. Ask her.

    Also…and almost more importantly…is that an octopus?

  6. It IS an octopus, and they both call it “Henry the Octopus”.

  7. that octopus is creepy! but this shot is phenomenonal! i’m glad you didn’t lose it!

  8. That is an amazing shot! good luck on the recovery efforts.

  9. That is a great mirror shot.

    I second the idea of going to the Apple store. I’ll bet they can restore them. Good luck!

  10. Awwww. That’s adorable! Cute little mirrored tushies.

  11. Great photo! Too cute.

  12. I agree with the Apple Store idea. (Clarendon, Tysons, and Pentagon City) You can make an appointment at the “genius bar” or walk in.

    Also, Data Rescue II or some other data recovery tool.

  13. I love little toddler butts! Great shot! And MetroDad is having the same problem with the ‘lost picuture’ thing, I’m getting nervous so I’m going to back up my stuff right now!!

  14. Heather says:

    I love that photo. I am going to try to get Miles in that position (but it will never be as cute as your two babies).

  15. They call it “swimming”.

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