I forgot about the tattoos.

When I was telling you guys about the package that Angie sent me I forgot that she sent a package of temporary tattoos for The Goon Squad. I forgot until I put this pretty sleeveless shirt on Claudia and remembered that Gabe let the kids pick which one they wanted.

…and to think that right after I gave Matthew convincing arguments on why he should consider our twins for an arranged marriage with his twins. Now I remember that my children are “marked”.

Claudia has a lovely pirate tattoo that she called “treasure” and Ian has a heart that says “Mom”. Of course, I couldn’t get Ian to stand still long enough to get a picture of his arm that wasn’t blurry.

(Thanks for the shirt Grandma!)

I hope this doesn’t hurt their chances with JT and Bri.

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  1. 1st off: Your blog header rocks. I kept staring at it for like five minutes.

    2nd: My brother once covered his whole face with fake tattoos. Imagine all the work that was involved in rubbing them off. :)

  2. Claudia id just too freakin’ cute. Duct tape works well for rkeeping them still… you just have to crop it out of the picture so there is no evidence.

  3. Yay! Now, if you could please clarify whether or not you have a tattoo, I can commence to tattooing your name on my ass. Cuz I love ya.

  4. Not me.

    I fear needles.

    A lot.

  5. I hate needles too and yet, I have 3 tattoos.

    I also hate grapes, love grape jelly. Hate tomatos, love ketchup.

    Odd person, that’s me.

  6. Of course your boy has the “Mom” tatoo. Only proper. :-)

  7. How cute!!!!!!!

  8. Looks to me like she’s gonna want a bigger one soon. Not that I even know the first thing about tattoos, but why not have a complete arm working with that pirate theme? The ‘Mom’ tattoo on the other hand appears to lead down a path of multiple girls’ names, some possibly striked through as new ones are added. Well, can’t fight it anymore now, might as well welcome it.

  9. As I type this, I have a worn Cars tattoo on my left hand. When we do them the WHOLE family HAS to get one.

  10. needles AND snakes?

  11. AND tornados.

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