They Used to Look Like This

This is a picture from the day The Goon Squad came home from the hospital.

Claudia didn’t even weigh 5 pounds yet here. Now she is standing here saying “What you doing, Mommy?” and looking at this picture and saying “Babies sleeping”.

Time flies.

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  1. I just melted a little. Thank goodness for pictures or we’d all forget.

  2. Michelle says:

    I remember how Gabriel looked like a giant next to them and now they are bigger than he is!!!

  3. see now pictures like this make me want to have just one more baby.

    pictures like this make my husband pull out the therapy bills and show me the red in the checkbook.

    I think we know who wins.

    For now.

    You got yourself some beautiful children Sarah (and Gabe!)

  4. Sarah, they are just adorable babies. Adorable. And yes time flies. Mine is almost 2. I can’t imagine twins. I give you a lot of credit for being a mom to two beautiful babies. My neighbor across the street has twin boys who are 2 and then another boy who is 4 months old. I wonder how she does it, I get frustrated with Dawson and feel guilty sometimes!

  5. Awww…Sarah, they have grown so strong and beautiful, haven’t they? That is such a sweet picture, and Samantha is right–I can’t even remember B&B being as small as the numbers say they were.

  6. When you look at these pics, doesn’t it seem like they are actually different children from the ones you have now?

    Newborns are incredible. And two is even better!

  7. Kvelling! I’m kvelling!

  8. Our little Okapis are turning 3.5 in June. When they were born, they were barely over 3 lbs. They love looking through their photo album and pointing out who is who (“That’s Jordyn!” “That’s Elijah!”) and remarking on the babies they see (“Look at the babies! Baby Jordyn. Baby Elijah.”). If you’re asking me how it flies by so fast, I’m not going to be any help – I have no idea, but it is moving fast and faster (just like Ms. Clavell).

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