Looking Good, Winthorpe

Feeling good, Mortimer.

What does your kid’s hair look like when they wake up? Mine both look homeless.

ps – Happy Birthday Lumpyhead!

pps – You guys all voted for my shitty mix tape, right?

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  1. I was all set to vote for CroutonBoy, UNTIL I saw your list. Jordy. Whatever happened to him?

  2. I read something about him being banned from radio airplay in France. But it must have been another Jordy.

    I mean you can’t ban someone for just being annoying can you?

  3. So, I read this post a few minutes ago and there were different names in those sentences. RIGHT? Or did Matt slip something into my drink? Again.

  4. if you really wanted them to look homeless, just fashion them some tiny beards and a extra-tiny shopping cart..

  5. See now…I always say mine look like “hobo” kids. But I guess that is the same as homeless. I’m just more into slang.

  6. Slang from the 1930s?

  7. Yikes…I look like that on a good hairday!

  8. hehe

  9. Jamwall is right. I really need to learn some Photoshop.

  10. I voted for you, even though the other mixtapes were pretty shitty as well, and you did not include any Dismember in your selection.

  11. Oh – and I could have too. I own some Dismember (on a Nuclear Blast compilation CD).

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