The Pros and Cons of Kids Learning How to Talk

– “Applesauce, please.”
– “I love you, Mommy.”
– “Happy, Happy”
– “All done pooping.”

– “No brush teeth!”
– “No shirt! No shirt!”
– “Cookies please.”
– “Oobi” (Seriously, the boy saw Oobi for 5 seconds and called it out clear as day”.
– “No, No, No, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!”

– “Is it a pig?” (After stupid “Oobi” was over “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” came on)
– “Ian floss?” (pictured here)

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  1. Cute stuff.

  2. Precious.

    Another con, from our house: “Fuhhh!” after spilled bowl of cereal. Time to watch the language, DADDY.

  3. What a good boy flossing. Way to go Mommy!!!

  4. No to brushing teeth but yes to flossing? Robey doesn’t even know what flossing is.

  5. Melissa says:

    Thank you God. Someone else suffering through Oobi.

  6. He flosses and he files?

    This kid’s personal hygiene is amazing!

  7. Wait….

    “All done pooping”….does this mean you have them pottytrained already?

    THAT is impressive. I only dream of the days when my twins are pottytrained…

  8. Oh – not potty trained at all. It mostly signifies that they are finally ready for me to change their diaper. Sometimes they lie about it too. They will say “Still pooping” even just because they don’t feel like stopping whatever they are doing at the time.

  9. In what category do you place damnit


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