I am 1.

I started this blog exactly one year ago today.

I started it because Blogger has this jacked up setting where you have to actually be a Blogspot blogger to leave a comment, and Bridgette had this setting turned on. (It’s not her fault, she didn’t know. She’d only been blogging for a few days herself.) Of course, I needed to leave a comment because I had something terribly witty to say, so I picked the name “Sarah and the Goon Squad” for my non-blog. The next day my non-blog went live.

A year ago I lived in Tampa and my kids looked like this. My daughter took her first steps while Gabe and I were off at the lake playing drinking games in a horse head mask.

This June, I live in Virginia and my kids are running and climbing stairs and telling me things like “I do it myself”. (and Gabe and I are off playing drinking games with fans.

Last June, I was averaging 11 hits a day. Two days ago my site meter hit 30,000.

In this year total strangers have become my friends and I have discovered that my friends are far stranger than I could have imagined. They are also more wonderful.

This year I am also a finalist in page’s Shitty Mix Tape Challenge, so if you haven’t already – go check out the top five playlists. They’re all pretty bad. But only one has Jordy. (Shut up, Big Dubya).

Anyway, thank you everyone for stopping by and reading and commenting. It sounds stupid, but I really feel like blogging keeps me sane. It is a very cathartic outlet for me in a world where I don’t get much other grown up interaction. Thanks for hanging around.

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  1. I read a lot of blogs. Most I just glance at then go to the next random blog.

    Yours, however, stood out. It is the most entertaining blog I’ve seen in months. You have a wonderful sense of humor. (People look at me strange when I start quoting Beavis and Butthead, how about you?)

  2. Happy Bloggaversary? Bloggerbirthday?

  3. happy blogaversary!

  4. Congrats on making the top 5 (I was sure Wing would at least get me that far, but I guess not) and super-congrats on your blogiversary.

  5. awww a good perfect post! i love your blog!

  6. Happy Blogiversary (what is the correct spelling of that!)

  7. 30 large? Damn, that’s impressive. You are famous now. Wait, I think I already told you that.

  8. OH dude that means mine is one as well. I just went back and read my first few posts……it seems so very very long ago….

  9. Your nomination for the post awards was a sweet read. I would not have discovered either of you if not for that award listing. Nice. And your year and the changes… We’ve moved so much that it is getting ridiculous. Now I find my self in Manhattan with my last teenager… wasn’t it just yesterday I was packing boxes with a baby at the breast? What, five moves ago?

  10. Sarah, I love your blog. You crack me up, and your goons are the greatest.

  11. The Mich?

    I didn’t know you came here.

    I was in Girl Scouts with Mich!

  12. Happy Blogiversary — here’s to many more!

  13. Happy blogiversary!
    I know what you mean about blogging keeping you sane! Blogging is my time out and peace and quiet from four kids and hubby! It’s my little space where I can get lost in another world!

  14. Yep – I think that was THE Mich. She reads your blog daily. Speaking of girl scouts … I just heard this week that Vicki E is pregnant with her second set of twins!

    Oh – and I’m amazed what’s happened over the last year both in the real world and this virtual one. It’s been a good year!

  15. Congrats Sarah from the Farty Pants twins and their Dad too!

  16. Congratulations! Keep living the dream.

  17. Happy Blogaversary. I blog as an outlet, too. It is hard work raising all these kids, and they aren’t exactly conversationalists yet.

  18. What a week for birthdays! Congrats.

  19. Didn’t know you were in VA! :) I guess I could have seen that in your profile, DERH! I totally understand the catharsis that comes with blogging… also? It’s nice feeling like you have “fans”, eh? :) Happy 1 year!!!

  20. I also check the blog daily. It’s a fun one to read, and the Goon Squad is adorable!!

  21. Wow! I need to have a delurking day. I had no idea Marcy and Mich visited me.

    It is as if my whole 4th grade is here.

  22. Happy Registraversary (ha ha! new term)! And welcome to that amorphous blob called NoVa (which is also Spanish for “no go”).

  23. And you got my vote.

  24. Proud to be one of the origional 11!

  25. Frank Sucks says:

    Congrats kid!

  26. Hey Sarah. It’s THE Mich here. I read your blog all the time. Sorry to lurk — sort of — I did post maybe two comments over the past year but maybe I signed them as Michelle. Troop 119 rules!

  27. Happy, happy, merry, merry! You AND Bridgette get the blame for my blog, sucky as it is …

  28. I’m not in a category, so does this mean I am uncategorically your friend?

    Congrats on your special day!

    Where is the cake? I thought there might be some cake?

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