They call it “Noodling”

Something disturbing has been brought to my attention. (Well, actually two disturbing things, but I’m not even going to discuss this one).

Have you guys ever heard of noodling?

If I’m reading this right, people fish huge bottom dwelling catfish with their bare hands and arms. They just reach under rocks and crap under the water and pull out giant catfish.

I so wish I was making this up.

Remember Gabe’s friend that hit my kitchen with a big hammer? Apparently he does this for fun. I don’t get it. You couldn’t pay me to stick my hand under the muck in some river in the south. I’ve seen alligators in the wild. Or as Gabe put it “I’ve seen ‘Anaconda’ “. Plus, even if I were willing to try this (which I am not) and I got one (eeewwwwww) what the hell would you do with a catfish that size? I’m not eating that crap.

For more information (and a store with noodling gear!) you can go here.

Have any of you done this. If so, I have a follow up question.


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  1. Does this for fun? Really?

  2. You played a drinking game involving antibacterial hand sanitizer and a fan, and you’re asking why people fish?

    Um. . .

    (Okay, it’s not exactly fishing. I’m with you. Ew.)

  3. Somehow noodling seems better than attaching one’s name to the cornhole classic.

    Yesterday, the 1st of June, big guy bought a football magazine.

  4. I’ve heard of it. The cat in the pic you posted is a smaller one if you can believe that. The guy who narrates “The Deadliest Catch”, an awesome show on The Discovery Channel about Alaskan crab fishing, has his own show called “Dirty Jobs” where he goes and does the nastiest jobs in the country, i.e. sewage cleaning and such. He did a show on ‘noodling’. This apparrently is big in places like Oklahoma and Tennessee. It’s illegal in most places.

  5. I didn’t even like to stick my hand in the dark box at the Children’s Zoo to identify if it was a turtle shell, an egg, or a feather. I sure as hell wouldn’t do this, or associate myself with anyone who did.

    Now I have to forward that page to everyone I know to spread the insanity.

    Oh and happy belated birthday!

  6. That is a very small fish. I have seen catfish where a foot of tail would be lying on the ground when the head was held like that. Which is why only stupid people or adrenaline junkies “fish” this way. When a 90lb fish clamps onto your arm and decides not to come out of his hole, the fisherman sometimes learns what the “little” fish the day before felt like when it was OUT of the water.

  7. That is just disgusting.

  8. oh my god- is THAT what a catfish looks like?

    Never. swimming. again.

    Thanks for ruining my summer, Sarah! We’ll be at your house to play since we
    a) can’t go outside b/c of mosquitoes and ticks carring Lyme disease and West Nile and who knows what else

    b) I saw a duck in our pool the other day- ew- bird flu so that’s out

    c) you just killed freshwater swimming, thanks again

    d) oceans= sharks and skin cancer and I have to show my ass in a bathing suit.

    So, we’ll be over late Tuesday afternoon. Does that work for you?

    I’ll bring the wine.

  9. When I was a kid living in Greece, that’s how we would find octopus – and yes, we ate them, roasted, excellent.
    Stick hand under rocks until something grabs on, and there’s dinner!
    Fishing For Dummies. :~)

    (Mind you those were cute little baby octopii, not humungous fanged fish. And I was a little kid, which gets you special dispensation for doing all sorts of silly things.)

  10. I think that this is the sort of activity that starts out “Hey Ya’ll Watch This” and ends up getting people nominated in the Darwin Awards.
    Which is just okay with me.
    Thin the herd.

  11. It's okay, Sweetie says:

    Hello. I tried to email you privately but it was returned. I wanted to thank you for nominating me for a Perfect Post. We had a death in the family two days ago. I really needed support and I was so touched to see others had visited the site because of your nomination. Thank you again; it meant more than you know.
    Sharon, Mom of Sweetie

  12. “thin the herd”!!!

    Here I was thinking that this “sport” was idiotic, and then gidge goes and puts perspective on it. Thank you!

  13. Gabe and I are digging a pond in your backyard so we can teach Ian

  14. I SO thought noodling was something else.

  15. I have never noodled, but back in Wisconny, after we’d get good and drunk on Old Swill-waukee, we’d get down on our bellies on the front of the pontoon out on Lake Oconomowoc, cruise around the weedy shallow parts, and then BAM! Stab those fat m’effers with a spear. Usually it just sorta woke ’em up and pissed ’em off.


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