Randomness Part 38

Happy 6-6-6 everybody!

It’s perfect for pancakes. (Thanks Kaiser)

Man, I wish these still fit her.

Did you know that if you type “that is my foot” into Google’s blogsearch, I am the #1 search result?

I don’t really know that much about art. I only know enough to understand that I hate Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light. But I also know that Shafty, over at Smell the Glove posted what may be the best painting ever.* I have reposted it here for your viewing pleasure. Seriously, click on it to make it bigger. You won’t be any less confused about what you are seeing.

This is my favorite e-mail that I got this week:
Mia and I went to the park this afternoon and met one of our neighbors with 17 mo old twin boys. Her name is Sarah and the twins are Ian and Abe. The best part was that Mia kept calling Abe Claudia.

* Of Bill Romanowski trying to tackle a horse in the middle ages.

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  1. What is is about Kinkade’s work that you hate?

  2. Is that a serious question? I can’t sense if there was sarcasm involved or not in the typing.

    If it was a serious question:

    1) The lights.

    2) Wolves in snow with light up eyes.

    3) Lights used in paintings.

    4) Christmas lights.

    5) All the rest of it.

  3. Okay, the Other Sarah with Twins named Ian and Abe are freaking me out. Is her husband named Claude?


    Is (G)Abe freaked out by this, too? I think he should be.

  4. As afraid of saying this as I am – it was a serious question. Not a challenge, just a question. I wonderred what aspect in particular you found so… um, revolting. Now I know.

  5. You know what I don’t like about Kinkade??? (Not that anyone asked, but I’m telling you anyway) It’s everywhere. It’s in my mall. I can’t buy or respect art in a mall.

  6. You know what I don’t like about Kinkade in the malls? It means that enough people buy paintings of wolves with light up eyes to support stores in malls all over the country.

    People like cheap crap.

  7. dutch from sweet juniper says:

    love the horse v. football player. I would put that up on my wall.

    I would buy a Thomas Kinkade if he painted San Francisco as it really is, with trannies whose eyes light up and junkies passed out with needles in their arms and mean old chinese ladies who shove their way onto buses.

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