For your mid-week viewing pleasure – more searches

Here are few more in a series on my ongoing fascination with my Site Meter and seeing what search words and phrases bring people here. The issues with capitalization are not my own.

Oddly Specific

huggies overnites diapers in buffalo

Stuff I Don’t Have For Sure

photobucket ass

amani dance clips

la clippers jr. jam squad

am not

sarah grosser

why is Sarah a goon?

big nude mamas

sarah hermaphrodite

I never said that

cape buffalo tattoos (Kara?)

Laurie Berkner has big boobs

bobby brady ab lounger (I’m pretty sure they meant Peter anyway)

Okay, I admit, I did say these

“That is my foot”

birds regurgitating into mouth

Yeah, when she tells them “Mommy’s Mean”

grandma makes mommy feel bad

You guys weren’t satified with the link to “Doodlebops without makeup?”

Lazytown without makeup

lazytown robbie rotten without makeup*

*Here’s Robbie Rotten without makeup. Sheesh.

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  1. But Laurie Berkner has big boobs! *off to check my site meter now*

  2. Okay, you HAVE to tell me how this works. What’s a site meter?
    I’m back online and so, so out of the loop!!!

    Something happened to my prior format so I had to change the template. Now with icky brown :{ I also lost all my links in the process, but I’d like to add you when I have that back up.


  3. Ok, at least you can actually publish what people are looking for. Most of my search hits are so nasty, I can’t even type it without feeling dirty.

    I get a LOT of Laurie Berkner naked hits. A LOT. Makes you wonder…

  4. The only funny search I really get is when people search for Okapis, my site (Two Okapis) shows up in the top three usually. So, people are sitting around all over the world thinking to themselves, “I really need to learn more about Okapis – there are so few of them.” So they go to Google or Yahoo or MSN and type “What do Okapis eat?” they get my site. “How do Okapis care for their babies?” and they get my site again. Even just searching “Okapis” will get my site.

    I always wonder when they visit my site from that search, what are they thinking? Are they letdown or (hopefully) pleasantly surprised? I’ll probably never know.

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