My Experiment

I get at least three or four hits every day where people are searching for pictures of Brad Pitt. Even more on weekends. They are mostly Google Image searches from foreign countries, often in Europe.

Here’s my idea. I am going to post a picture of Brad Pitt’s ass.

This may put Blog Explosion out of business.

I encourage you to do your own blog traffic experiment. I’d try using pictures of Jessica Simpson’s boobs or J-Lo’s butt or Johnny Depp’s – anything really. It’s Johnny Depp.

I’ll report back and let you know how it went. I’ll call it “The Brad Pitt Butt Traffic Experience”.

That sounds terrible. I’ll rethink the name (I’m taking suggestions), but I think this will work. I really think I am on to something here people. Let me know if you want in on the game. We can even keep score. You must be thinking that I have no life. Maybe that is true, but I’m easily entertained. If you want in to see who can generate the most traffic this way, just pick your celebrity and body part and e-mail me at satgs at

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  1. I gotta think Angelina’s lactating breasts would be a big hit generator.

  2. Don’t change the name. It’s perfect.

    (p.s. I think my word verification is P. Diddy’s new name: pifpuyuf)

  3. You could call it “Bras Pitt’s Cornhole Traffic” experiment.

    Oh, and I have officially given Blogger the finger. I have imported my entire site to WordPress, comments and all. I will be posting there from now on. It was easy, it was clean, it was free, and best of all… it WORKS!!!!

    You might want to change the link in your sidebar when you get a chance.

  4. That click and clack show played some special version of the moonlight sonata and people must have been gaa-gaa for it. It literally doubled my traffic (as it were from like 20 a day to 40) for a couple of weeks. At the time, I had nothing even resembling valuable information on, “moonlight sonata beep beep beep.”

  5. Brad Pitt… Huh? What were you saying?

  6. heh heh. you said cox.

  7. I even put Johnny Depp in the line underneath my blog title and what do I get? Nothing.

    What do I get instead? Men pooping pictures. Women pooping pictures. Hit crotch torture. Why are all these sickos looking for these things? And why are they finding me??

  8. I came here throgh another blog.

    Have you ever tried for most searched for words?

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