Six Strange Things About Ian

1) Ian is obsessed with shoes. He makes everyone else in the house wear shoes. Particularly black shoes. I have no idea why.

2) Ian loves to take medicine. I’m not kidding. If Claudia gets medicine (of any variety) and Ian doesn’t, he will cry. This makes me nervous for his teen years. I’m suddenly glad they started putting all of that cough medicine behind the counter.

3) Ian likes to stand on my feet. He does this a lot when I’m sitting on the couch. He likes to do this in the aforementioned shoes. It hurts a lot.

4) The boy thinks that the big pink hat (pictured here) is a cowboy hat, and he need to wear it every time the “Riding the Range” episode of “The Backyardigans” comes on.

5) Ian doesn’t like to eat broken food. This morning he ate most of a bagel, then what was left ripped apart he freaked out. Both kids cry and ask me to fix it if their banana breaks off.

6) I’m pretty sure Ian would eat blackberries or strawberries until his stomach exploded. I’ve seen him come close.

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  1. He obviously needs some pink pumps – I mean “cowboy boots” – to go with that hat.

  2. I think it’s that ABC song that goes “YIPPEE YI YIPPEE YI YAY YAY!” -at the end…….that is probably what he is singing in his head when he wears it. (it’s THE LOOK OF LOVE).

    Also, Louis also hates broken food. Miles and Charlie expect their food to be broken into pieces and stare at you like you are mad if you give them something whole.

  3. you are on to something with kid’s food. zoe is extreme – it either MUST be whole in its entirety or broken up into bite-sized pieces. but this is unpredictable. one day it’s bagels whole, the next it’s in bite sizes. but yeah – she does the whole frantic tantrum thing, refusing to eat it if it’s the wrong way. what’s wrong with them?

    also zoe definitely loves shoes too.

  4. Are you sdure he isn’t related to Justin?

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