Experiment Update #1 – “The Brad Pitt Butt Traffic Experience”

Almost 24 hours later and I still haven’t had any hits for “Brad Pitt’s Butt” or “Brad Pitt’s Ass” images.

But guess what I have had image searches for?

sousaphone photobloghorsehead picture showing teeth

And non-image searches for:

vote big nipples free pictureduffy’s subs central florida

And three more searches for doodlebops without makeup.

So again, I give you (freaks) Doodlebops Without Makeup. How many people are looking for this? Is this still you Trish?

On your lower right, you can see Moe Doodle with out his make up on. (I know, he looks like he would be blonde, right?)

On your top right – Brad Pitt’s naked butt. (It’s not sexy at all when he’s escaping the mental institution in “12 Monkeys” but it’s all I could find on the interweb. What are all the paparazzi doing anyway? Not posting enough on the internet, that’s for sure.)

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  1. I think someone’s boobs would work better.

  2. no it’s not me.

    The last time I checked my image searches, they were ALL the Doodlebops.


  3. btw.. have you hear the Piloh Shitt joke yet?

  4. Ok, I’m totally out of it. I have never heard of the Doodlebops. I just asked one of my six year olds if he knew what a Doodlebop was and he said yes. So now I’m really feeling out of the loop. Apparently I need to pay more attention to what my kids are watching on TV. 😉

  5. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I’m so glad I checked back in tonight. I thought Smell the Glove made me laugh.

    How freakin’ awful are the Doodlebugs? My daugther just discovered these freaks. And I wondered what they looked like without their makeup on!

    Hey I just gave ya a nod for the Perfect Post nomination so maybe you’ll have a few more visitors because of it. Just spreadin’ the love!

  6. I recently had ‘lovely bottom contest.’ No idea whether they were looking for the winner or the loser. Nor why they were seeking it at my site.

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