Where are we going?

My daughter is running around the house saying “Where are we going? Tall mountain. Where are we going? Tall mountain. Where are we going? Tall mountain.” Over and over and over.

Dora isn’t even on. The tv isn’t even on.

This is why people say you shouldn’t let your kids watch television isn’t it? It has nothing to do with their development. It is all about the sanity of the parents.

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  1. The other day, one of my boys was running around saying “My Back! I Back!” Like Peter Parker in Spider man 2. Nothing would stop him. Nothing. Talk about going crazy.

  2. That’s why we’re leaving the TV off…or trying! I don’t know how successful we’ll be!

  3. This is how we got to the “My penis has a backpack” comment.
    Damn Dora.

  4. avoid teh Dora CD at all costs.. please I’m begging you

  5. Yes, but it is so much worse waiting for the subway and hearing that run through my own head. Over and over and over again.

  6. Did you answer her “We are not going to Tall Mountain. That’s right, you heard me.”?

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