He Will Be My Second (or fourth depending on how you look at it)

We don’t have any solid plans yet, but it looks like my Draft Day Suit and MOB co-blogger CroutonBoy will be in my neck of the woods on Wednesday evening and I think we are going to meet in real life. Sadly, I do not think Cheeky or Oodgie will be attending.

I hope he doesn’t kill me.

Back in March I met Lumpyhead’s Mom. It went so well that we are just regular friends now. It is almost as if we met in a more normal way. Since then, I have also met Mommy at Work but since Lumpyhead’s Mom, Lumpyhead and Bump already knew her it was more like being introduced right? The same way that even though I had been on Devra’s blog before I met her, she was already friends with Becky who I knew through a legitimate real life twins club, so those two are just meeting friends of friends. Right?

This makes me an internet dork, doesn’t it? I have multiple friends that I met on the internet. Oh well. It could be worse, I could be a Steelers fan. (There was a link that made that funny, but it no longer works.)

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  1. I always get all stammery when someone asks “How do you know Sarah?” or “Where did you meet?”

    “uuuhhhh, well. . . ”

    I feel like such a dork admitting “I met her over the internet.” It just sounds weird.

    I get really fidgety if the question is asked by someone who doesn’t know I blog. Then I just change the subject or distract them and run away.

    Because even if I can bluff around the fact that I have a blog, “Sarah has this blog, and I read it, so I stalked her and we met for real” just sounds so creepy I can’t quite spit out the words.

    We need to make up a good cover story, I think. So we don’t sound like internet dorks. Even though we are.

  2. Does meeting my husband on the internet qualify me as an internet dork!?!?!

    That may be worse than meeting friends on the internet…

  3. LM – We should tell people we met in NA or getting our GED’s. Way less embarrassing.

    Stacy – Yep. Internet dork. But you are not alone. I have other friends that have met their spouses online.

  4. Well, consider me a giant dork b/c my only friends up here are two fellow bloggers. I also get all stammery when people ask how I know them… especially family back at home.

  5. Don’t worry, Sarah. I’ve met Crouton Boy a few times in real-life. He’s a great guy. He only tried to kill me once!

  6. I say bring some Fat beer. Get him drunk and he won’t be able to kill you.

  7. Thank god you’re not a Steelers fan, or I WOULD kill you.

    Lucky for you you’re no good to me dead. But I’m lookin’ forward to it!

  8. I wish I could be an Internet dork and meet some people around here who blog. Too bad that little red county on your Ohio map (previous post) has a much smaller population that the NoVA area.

  9. Note to self–do NOT invite Croutonboy to Cincinnati area as he hates STEELERS fans!

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