Randomness Part 40

Housekeeping: It may just be my new contacts, or my old contacts, or both, or the fact that I am going blind in general, but does anyone think I should change my font? Be honest. Karen and I won’t be hurt.

More Housekeeping: There seem to be a lot of Sarahs out there. I think I’m going to start commenting as something besides just “Sarah”. I’ve made myself “Goon Squad Sarah” in a couple of places, but I’m not sure that is who I want to be. What sounds better “Goon Squad Sarah”, or just “SATGS” or “Sarah (Goon Squad)” or “Sarah of the Goon Squad”? Which is the least asshole? Assholey? Assholish? Man, I’m indecisive today.

It occurred to me recently that both my mother and my mother-in-law call everybody named Mia “Maya”. Is that just a coincidence, or do other people do that too?

Mark sent me a picture of my favorite billboard.

Man. We go to Home Depot all of the time. Never once did we get any free drugs with purchase.

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  1. This doesn’t help at all, but I call you “Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah” when talking about you to others. It’s like “Bond, James Bond.”

    I guess that could also be “Sarah (Goon Squad Sarah).”

    You’re stored in my cell phone as “Sarah Goon Squad.”

  2. What would you like to change your font to? I know. How about Webdings. :) That would confuse the shit out of everybody.

    And I think your new name should be Suri, High Priestess of the 4th Realm of the Goon Squad Empire. That’s kinda long, I guess.

  3. Sarah made the Goon Squad

  4. I like Lumpyheadsmom’s James Bond version.

    I’d probably go with Sarah GS. Then when you post on new blogs? They can try to figure out what the hell GS stands for.

    I think I should change my blog to Becky Shit Cakes. Why didn’t I think of that before? Of course there for a while I could have been Becky, Queen of Shit.

    Ah well. Oh, look at that. Time for a FAT beer, baby. Better go.

  5. I wonder how many people have gone to Home Depot with the hopes of scoring drugs for either use or cash…

  6. I’ve got terrible eyes (and only one pair of contacts in) so I’m pro font changing. And as long as I’m asking – any thoughts on putting an RSS link in? Right now I have to remember to actually come to your site to read it. Oy, the work involved.

  7. my vote is Goon Squad Sarah

  8. For what it’s worth, when my wife and talk about your blog, we refer to you as “Sarah at the Goon Squad Site.” I’d also like to weigh in on your font choice, but I’m late getting to Home Depot to pick up my crack cocaine.

  9. Okay how about Sarah’s Goon Squad?

  10. Yippee!

    More reason to drink coffee!

  11. I think Sarah, Mighty Keeper of the Goon Squad is quite appropriate. And what the heck? God listens to Slayer? And I here I spent most of my life playing Eduard Kuhlo’s and Bach’s versions of church songs. Excuse me while I sit in my hole and cry. Which I have to dig first. Okay, just kidding, since Germany just won in soccer, nothing can put me down. Keep the font.

  12. How about Sarah, GS– people will think you have some specialty degree or something.

  13. I’m jealous of that bb! Fantastic.

    I think your font is fine. Serif is easy to read, and it’s black on white. although this (getting) old fart could stand to go up a point size or two…

  14. ps check out mother goosemouse – she’s compiling a handy list of mommyblogHer attendees, who’s arriving when, etc.

  15. I like Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah myself. Very Bondish. :)

    Can’t say about the Mia thing, but my daughter is Maya and people always say Mia. It bugs me. Especially when my aunt does it. You would think after four and a half years, she would have caught on.

  16. I always call you “Sarah, ya know, the one with the Squad?” and no one knows cause I’m the only one in my house who reads blogs. I know what you’re feeling though, seeing as you are so kind to comment on my blog as does my friend Sarah in Milwaukee. I can usually tell by the comment who said it. I like Keeper of the Squad or Sarah of the GS even though aren’t OF the GS, it sounds like east coast royalty. That’s Sarah, of the GS you know. Respect her authoritay!

    Oh God, I need another drink.

  17. I think “Sarah Goon” would work as well. But the James Bond one still is the best.

  18. I think you should sigh TGSL (The Goon Squal Leader) or TSL (The Squad Leader)

  19. I usually call you Sarah, but then my husband always asks “Who?” and I answer “Becky’s friend with the twins who moved here from Florida and is now my friend too.”

    We actually know more women named “Becky” so my husband came up with “Beccaneer” for the Florida Becky.

  20. Love the Billboard!

    I like the James Bond Version suggested.

  21. No suggestions on the name… i like you just the way you are.

    But on the Home Depot front. I sent the story to N. with the directive to stoip shopping at Lowe’s already the good stuff is at Home Depot.

  22. I was going to suggest “Sarah GS” but Becky beat me to it. For the longest time I was the only Katie around but now more are coming out to the woodwork…

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