On Father’s Day

Do you remember back in May when Kara from Cape Buffalo did a Mother’s Day bloggect? Well, it being June, she has kindly asked me to participate in her Father’s Day bloggect.

When I got the e-mail from Kara asking to write this I thought that I would write about what a wonderful father and husband Gabe is. I would talk about how great he is with the kids and how hard he works, how much he does around the house and how he cooks almost all of our meals. I would tell you that he is patient with Ian and Claudia and that he isn’t afraid to get down on the floor and play with them and how he doesn’t seem to get annoyed when we spend 40 minutes searching the house for a blue pacifier because no other color will do.

But then I started thinking about writing something about my Dad. My Dad who thought it was a hilarious joke to stand outside the car (my brother and I were both sitting in the back seat) then open the door, stick his butt in the car, fart really loud, hit the button that locks all the door and close us in with it.

Well, okay, we all thought that was pretty funny.

My Dad is a wonderful father and Grandfather. He loves to spoil his grandchildren. He likes to give them food. When the twins were born and I was recovering from my c-section and almost six weeks of bedrest he would go grocery shopping for me. I guess he likes to give everybody food. It is how he expresses his love. I could say nice things about him all day, but the nice things aren’t nearly as interesting as the funny things I can tell you about him.

Here are a couple more (the fart story counts as one):

2) When my Dad first got his really big tv he would make me stick my head right next to the tv new person to see who had the bigger head. If the person on TV had a bigger head than me he would get very excited.

3) He used to harass my friend Jill in high school by telling her that her mom was pregnant, or that when her mom came over to our house to play bridge that she got drunk and went skinny dipping in the pool.

4) My Dad fed me pizza and orange juice before I was old enough to eat solid food. I’m also pretty sure (Britt, don’t read this next part) that I caught him feeding my niece roast beef before she was old enough to eat solid food, and both of her parents were vegetarians. He also gave Ian doritos before he was four months old and anchovies when he was about six months old. (I told you he shows his love by giving people food). Oddly, Ian loved the anchovies. (It’s a funny story because we all lived.)

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Happy Father’s Day Gabe. Happy Father’s Day Steve and Mike and all the other wonderful fathers in my family. Happy Father’s Day to all of my Daddy blogger friends, and all the rest of you dads out there.

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  1. Your dad also used to tell me that he slept with my mom.

  2. Your dad sounds fantastic. I could skip the Doritos part, but otherwise I think this is a bit what Nate is going to be.

  3. Your Dad thinks I slept with your husband.

    Your Dad likes to talk a lot about people sleeping with people…doesn’t he?

  4. LOL. Those kinds of dads are so much fun. He *does* seem to have a fetish involving freaking people out that their loved ones are sleeping around, though. 😉

  5. My dad does the farting trick— to my mom. They’ll be in bed at night, he’ll let a silent one fly, then he’ll pretend to spit into the air. My mom, naturally, tucks her head under the cover, shreiking, to avoid the spitoon. Once she’s in there (a dutch oven, if you will), he’ll seal the covers shut until she gets a good breath of air in. Ahhh, love. No wonder they’re getting divorced.

    BTW, another mom of twins here…shalom, my sistah.

  6. Great post about your dad. Shows how important a good sense of humor is, especially when raising kids.

  7. I second mamacita tina!

    A sense of humor is PRIME. If you can’t laugh with them, laugh at them!

  8. I’m working my way down the list.

    That is so funny.

    Happy Father’s Day to all


  9. Lots of funny stuff but I most loved the head comparison because if my dad got a really big TV I could totally see him doing that too.

  10. Love the picture, love the stories….we all need to laugh!

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