A Bib Could Have Solved this Problem

Other titles considered for this post:
– Don’t Freak Out – It’s Just Tomato
– I Think We’re Going to Need another UCF Shirt
– It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
– That Big Cut on His Head is Totally Unrelated to the Gore on His Shirt

In other news, the big cut on his head is from a run in that Ian had with the brick hearth downstairs.

In an unrelated, but ongoing story, I got one of my new contacts stuck in the side of my eye earlier today. I’m glad I didn’t give those bastards that little plunger thingy back. I have no idea what I would have done without it. Maybe I can make a deal with some local eye surgery clinic to put up blogads in exchange for LASIK.

I do have something happier to report. The Goon Squad’s grandparents are taking them for the whole day tomorrow. I am trying to decide if I should a) clean the house, b) get some yardwork done, c) go shopping or to a movie, d) sleep all day long e) just get really, really drunk, or e) get a pedicure and read a book. Maybe we can work out some combination of there things. Either way it will be a nice break.

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  1. Hi, I found you on my statcounter. :)

    De-lurking :)

    I do believe is the appropriate response.

  3. I vote for e and, um, e. You can choose your activity or combine them all — drinking, pedicure and reading. The great thing is, in some salons, you can do them all at once!

  4. I vote for c-e (both e’s) What a luxury!!!! I’m jealous. Enjoy the time off. Oh, and make sure you have your grandparents buy a new bib…

  5. I’ll vote for c and both e’s.

    Girl, you might just want to stick with glasses. 😉

  6. Do you start the drinking earlier with 2 e’s? Go for those.

  7. “a” and “b” are out. I vote for “e”, followed by “d” with the phone and doorbell turned off so the granparent’s can’t reach you until you’re ready for them.

  8. Totally voting for e & e. Enjoy the day off!

  9. I love the alternate titles for that post. Yeah, he looks like he got gatted in a drive-by.

    Have fun tomorrow though whatever you do, and hopefully you’ll remember all about it and tell us Monday!

  10. Nothing says happy eating like tomato sauce on a white shirt!

    A day to yourself, how awesome is that! Thank goodness for grandparents.

  11. Would like to say something witty, and a possible title or two, but am distracted by the DAY OFF.

    A whole day?


  12. great picture! i found you from….oh, dear, I already forgot…but someone wrote on their blog that you were funny, so here I am

    Mary, mom to many

  13. sarah,
    just browsing the blog world…found your spot on MoccaMomma’s space. Your blogs are hilarious! Oh, I think you should treat yourself to a combination of all activites listed!


  14. Ok, how do you get a WHOLE day??? I’m so jealous. And where is your husband? Isnt it father’s day weekend?

    Not that it matters, but I vote get a pedicure, read a book, while getting drunk.

  15. Screw the house & yard work. But buy some Biz – it should take the stain out.

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