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Her Bad Mother has provided me with an excellent excuse to admit that I actually read more Daddy Blogs than Mommy Blogs. What the hell, you say? Okay, maybe not more, but I’ve made blogfriends with more Daddy Bloggers than Mommy Bloggers. I started up a Sports Blog with a bunch of them, and the other day Crouton Boy told me that he thought I fit in better with them than I do with the other Moms. I took that as a compliment.

I guess you can look at my blogroll and see how many of these guys I follow: The Blogfathers, Dadcentric, Cheeky’s Hideaway, Child’s Play X 2, Cynical Dad, Dad Gone Mad, Dad2Twins, Genuine, Kemp, Lim Babies, MetroDad, Mr. Big Dubya, The Odd Mix and Rude Cactus.

These are the guys I read who also blog with their wives: Bump, Dutch, P-Man, Gene and Miles Etc.

In addition to the above, I also read: Because I’m Your Father (when he graces us with a post), Two Okapis, Poop and Boogies, Chocolate Makes it Better, The Hygiene Chronicles, Scott Rant Spot, Daddy in A Strange Land, The Jasper Chronicles, Not-For-Profit-Dad (when he’s around), Mr. Nice Guy, IFLYG, Pet Cobra and some sports blogs that are written by men who may or may not have children.

And I can’t forget The Kaiser who contributes with us at Draft Day Suit, but doesn’t have his own link.

If you’re a Dad and you blog and you aren’t on this list do not be offended. I may just not know about you, or maybe I don’t know you are a father, or I read you every day and I just didn’t see that I missed you – you people know about my eye problems by now.

Happy Father’s Day you guys, thanks for blogging about your kids. Thanks for making me laugh.

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  1. What a great ode to Dad-Bloggers. You’ll get special props in the Shout-Out post for being the Mama Blogger who reads the most dad blogs. And gets them. I hope that they are suitably appreciative.

    (And, it’s never too late for a mama blogger ode. I would love to get 100 posts linked up, so I’m still shamelessly begging…)

  2. Thanks Sarah!

  3. I know what you mean about daddy bloggers; with all due respect to the many excellent mom writers, I think a good deal of moms come here for companionship and community, while a lot of dads come on because they’ve got something to say.

    Can’t wait to start clicking around. Thanks for the very many links.

  4. There is entirely too much estrogen in my blogroll. Thanks for the suggestions. I plan to check them out.

  5. You are welcome for the laughs. Thanks for reading.

  6. Used to be a time when I graced the blogroll too :-(

    I endeavor to grace you with posts to get back in your good graces.

  7. Thank you very much Sarah.

  8. I hate that you hooked up with that Internet slut, Croutonio.

    I love that you like Daddy bloggers like I like Daddy blogger.

    I wish your family a great day tommarra. Nice post on your Dad, he’s a scream.

  9. Sarah, with all due respect to Gabe, you are such a dad.

    On the bright side, you’re the best looking “daddy blogger” out there!

    Happy Father’s Day (to Gabe, I mean).

  10. Thanks, Sarah. That was very sweet!

  11. Thanks for doing this. We daddy bloggers don’t get much exposure.

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