You Get What You Pay For

I’ve been trying to post my picture for The Weekend Words Challenge (Why do I keep calling it the Weekly Word Challenge, that must be a crossword puzzle of something) for 40 minutes now.

I guess I don’t need to explain that blogger is broken.

As usual.


If I move, will you guys follow me?

I guess I’ll post my picture tomorrow.

(cursing under my breath)

PS – Blingo is giving out a bunch of iPod Nanos today – so sign up and search. Blingo
Or else the guy in the button will shoot you, or if it isn’t a gun, he’ll just hit you with his stick. I really want a Nano.

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  1. make gabe buy you a nano,….and tell him to finish unpacking the boxes

  2. OMG you are a sweeper!

    (psst I’m a sweeper too. I sweep at if you sign up say that Fidget refered you! and if you sign up, let me know, I’ll make you a welcome thread in the forums!)

    I havent been able to win a nano for the life of me, argh!

  3. You followed me – I’ll follow you! Viva la Revolusion!

  4. I’m considering a move myself. I realize Blogger is free and all, but what good is that if it’s not working???

    Just keep us posted!

  5. Would definitely follow you.

  6. I’m thinking of moving too. If I go too, we can do it at the same time and cross promote eachother.

    But we’ll see. I’m afraid.

  7. I will follow you IF you show me how to do it too. OK, I’ll follow you no matter what. BUt I’d really like to know how to do it myself…

  8. I’ll follow you, but there is no surprise there.

    Also, I bought Ritch a generic Nano for 1/3 the cost. It actually does more. Call me & I can give you the info…

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