The Brad Pitt Butt Traffic Experiment Results

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  1. Mike Rowe ROCKS. He is good in deadliest catch, but Dirty Jobs is fantastic. OK, I’m done now.

  2. Ok, I just pulled my last 10 searches…just for you:

    does the queen fart
    does the royal family fart
    do men prefer waxed or shaven or natural?
    pizza hut commercial twins
    boob shots on royal family
    found playboy stash
    split frenulum blood
    stinky crotch
    angelina jolie bra nursing brand

  3. Why the hell is someone asking Google if they should give you (or any other Sarah) some food? I mean, I can sort of understand why an odd but reasonable person would type those other things into a search engine, but that?

    What exactly is expected? That the magical internet will scan your Sarah and determine – based on her weight, height, age, and last known meal – whether or not she should be fed?

    I’m so confused.

  4. Why does someone want google to answer the question “want to join my fantasy football league?” They might have more luck by asking actual people.

    Suddenly, I find myself wondering if google search would beat, say, msn search. Would msn insist on owning 90% of the teams? Would google pick really obscure sleepers in the third round ’cause they feel lucky? Would msn’s team mascot be that annoying paperclip?

    Oh, and Sarah, I’ve been meaning to ask: do the doodlebobs without makeup, brad pitt’s butt, Laurie Berkner, and Jordy want to join a fantasy football league…or should we just give them some food?

  5. i’m also curious about gabe dying on “six feet under.” please expound for those of us in the not-know.

  6. Laurie – There was a show on HBO called “Six Feet Under”. In the first season Gabe was Claire’s boyfriend. (I don’t know what part you are unlcear on so I will overexplain this) He had a drug problem and some emotional problems.

    Anyway, in one of the later seasons Claire is in a cemetary talking to her Dad (also dead), and she runs into Gabe there, and she also sees Lisa (this is how we know for sure that Lisa is dead) and Lisa is taking care of Claire’s recently aborted baby and asks Claire to take care of Maya.

    Did that help at all? Because I can see how that could just make it worse.

  7. If you were looking for calorie intake on Rollo’s wouldn’t it make more sense to look on the package? I mean call me strange or whatever, but it seems more logical. People love to have an excuse to look for weird shit on Google.

  8. Dear God, you brought up Jordy?? I still have the cassette single. My little brother LOVED that damn song. I was forced to listen to it in French class.

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