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I’m going to let her tell the story of how we figured this out, but in one of the strangest coincidences that I have ever been involved with it turns out that I went to the same high school as Sharon at It’s Okay, Sweetie, and I have known her brother since 6th grade. He rode my bus. Our parents live no more than two minutes from each other. I swear that I had no idea who she was when I gave her my Perfect Post award for May. I don’t even remember how I found her blog.

Conversation With Lumpyhead’s Mom

Lumpyhead’s Mom and I were talking about how it was sort of awkward telling people that we became friends because we met on the internet (These comments started it all).* It can be even more difficult for her to explain because a lot of her friends and family don’t know that she has a blog.

Here is the e-mail conversation we had trying to decide what we should tell the others.

S: We should tell people we met in NA or getting our GED’s. Way less embarrassing.**

LM: I met her at the free clinic while we were both getting tested.

S: We had the same pimp.

LM: The Greater DC Area Creed Fanclub

S: We could say we met at the bedwetting clinic.

Holy crap. Plane tickets to San Jose are EXPENSIVE. I hope next year they have BlogHer somewhere that I can drive to in less than three days. I thought the conference tickets were expensive, but wow. The irony is that after I buy this thing on my credit card it will probably push me over the edge and I’ll have enough points to get a free airline ticket. I need a quick show of hands of who is going. Am I going to meet a bunch of cool new people, or am I just going to spend all my time in a hotel room drinking with The Kaiser? (This is starting to sound more and more like college to me each time I talk about it).

* I know, since then I’ve talked to several people who have met a lot of friends on the internet and even people who met their spouses online. It’s not that weird. It’s just the look that you get from non-bloggers or people that are a generation older than us.
** Not that there is anything wrong with a getting a GED or being in NA or getting tested for disease. However, the Creed Fanclub could be grounds for the M’Naghten defense.

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  1. sigh I WISH I was going to BlogHer, if I was there you wouldn’t have to drink alone!

  2. Oh fidget…dont’ worry. She will not be drinking alone. Not a chance in hell.

    I just showed those old college pics to Jack and he said “why is my Dada so silly?”

  3. My grumpily sober butt is staying home, but I’m expecting you to drink my share as if I were still in prime boozing form.

  4. QoS – Tell Jack I’ve got more where those came from.

    LM – I’m on it.

  5. I really want to go to BlogHer but that’s a really bad weekend for me (possibly moving). Next year!

    Just to torture myself, I found a $350 ticket round trip flying out of BWI. But that’s probably a long drive for you, it’s 20 minutes for me.

  6. Sarah, You may not realize it, but depending on the day and time, you may be able to take the MARC train to BWI (ie. weekdays only) which is cheap, easy, and fast. And I won’t even coment on what that make’s the MARC system sound like.

  7. Free ticket? Does that mean the weekend in August is possible??

  8. Use the Pimp one. I love it.

    I’m not going. Maybe next year.

  9. Airline prices to CA have skyrocketed lately, I don’t know whats up. Even Jetblue is charging outrageous prices! The hubby thinks it’s gas prices?


  10. I just had my first blind date with a blog friend. It was strange at first but she didn’t try to kill me or take my kidney, so I’d say it was a very positive experience! Yeah for blog friends!

    And I like the free clinic one.

  11. I am considering driving a rented car vs. flying. I think from here, with gas at $3.09 per gallon, the cost would be close to the same.

    Advantages: flying – quick, don’t have to drive 6 hours, don’t have to bother with parking and renting a car for 4 days that I will only use for 2.

    Advantages to renting the car: I can fill the trunk full of cheap booze and multiple pairs of shoes. I can escape with my new blog friends to fabulous restaurants I have scoped out in advance instead of eating hotel swill.

    Whaddya think?

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