Letting the Cat Out of the Bag (Literally)

I am patiently trying to figure out how to work my fancy new blog when I hear this crazy noise coming from the kitchen. It was a loud crinkly and thumpy sound.

Both kids were in their beds, so I knew it wasn’t them. Then I saw a crazy blue flash run by. It made the circle from kitchen to living room to dining room and back to the kitchen three times. It sounded like an angry rain stick. It looked like a cat wearing a cape.

It was in fact a cat with a blue grocery bag around it’s neck.

As some of you know, my cats are from the same litter. They look more alike than my twins do. Gabe’s Mom says she can’t tell them apart at all. Usually it isn’t a problem for me, but in this case I wasn’t sure which cat I was looking for.

First I found Sid. Initially I thought Sid had somehow shaken the bag because his tail was all puffed up and he looked scared, but after not being able to locate Klaus for about 10 minutes I started thinking that it had probably been him and he was hiding somewhere with the bag still on. I started to convince myself that Klaus was suffocating on the grocery bag in a closet somewhere.

An eternity Five minutes later, with the help of a flashlight (that I should have been saving in case we lose power due to the apocalypse) I found Klaus and his cute little outfit under my bed. Way under my bed. So far under my bed that I had to move it to get to him.

So, I pulled the king size bed away from the wall all by myself (like this) and carefully (sorry) let the cat out of the bag.

True story.


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  1. After you spent buckets of money on his mystery illness, the cat repays you by trying to smother himself with a grocery bag?

    Maybe you’re fighting natural selection, here.

  2. haha that is hilarious!!!! especially thanks to the monster car dude. he totally looked like you! also are you being affected by the flood?

  3. Yay, I found your new space! Looks nice. a lot like…like the other one.

    I’m very familiar with the angry rainstick sound myself (love that descriptor), and just minutes ago had to detangle my fat spawn of satan from a fairway bag.

  4. Yay! I found you through It’s Okay, Sweetie. What a great story about the two of you. Anyway, great place!

  5. I’ve had the cat and bag experience myself. After I picked myself up off the floor from hysterical fits of laughter, I found my cat hiding under my bed, all freaked. I still laugh when I think about it!!

  6. I had some smart alec reply in my mind but it up and flew away when I read Lumpyheadsmom’s comment about natural selection.

    She just may have something there….

  7. Rain stick? That was a brilliant visual. Better yet, was the pic of the guy pulling the car / you pulling the bed away from the wall.

    Were you this funny in highschool? Matt didn’t mention that 😉 I got your other pic by the way and I’m sending it to him. If you find any others, PLEASE let me know.

    Oh and by the way, where’s my fucking yellow heart in the blog roll? I think I deserve it now :)

  8. I found you through Sharon too. I like your site. I’m a loner going to blogher. Hope to meet up with you there!

  9. HA! That totally happened to me with my cat last week. He scratched the crap out of me when I was trying to help him out of his predicament.

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