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Can’t Talk – Jet Lag

Flying from the east coast to California is so easy. Adjusting back to the eastern time zone is so hard. I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a picture of The Kaiser. It should help you people tell him and Devra apart. Or maybe not. Anyway, the caption contest was […]

Live From BlogHer – Worst Picture Ever Caption Contest

Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (20 – 11)

For my readers that don’t give a crap about BlogHer: 20 – 11. You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here, 50 – 41 here, 40 – 31 here and 30 – 21 here. 20- Rancid – Rancid Rancid. […]

Live From BlogHer – Episode 1

I forgot that California has midget showers. The shower head is so low that if I aim it straight out it hits me in the neck. By the time Devra and I got here last night the bar was closed. Devra is aiming to be the shortest person here. At 4′ 10 3/4″ I think […]

Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (30 – 21)

I’m off to San Jose today (I’m a poet and I didn’t know it) to go to BlogHer. I don’t know if I’m more excited to meet everyone or to just get to sleep straight through the night. Either way – fear not, if there are snakes on my plane or if we crash in […]

That’s a Good Day, Daddy

Claudia: (Repeating a question I had just asked Gabe) How was your day, Daddy? Gabe: It was like watching a series of slow motion train wrecks. Claudia: Baby T-Rex? That’s a good day Daddy.

Randomness Part 44

Lance Bass is gay? Who else is only surprised that the rest of ‘N Sync isn’t? I’m putting off posting my “Why I am not a Christian” post (or posts, it seems to be turning into a series) until after BlogHer. I don’t want to get lynched, converted or crusaded in San Jose. My cat […]

Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (40 – 31)

I guess I should just hurry up and post the rest of these before you guys lose interest. Behold: 40 – 31. You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here and 50 – 41 here. 40 – Metallica – […]

5 Things

Lumpyhead’s Mom tagged me for the 5 things meme – so here goes. Five items in my freezer 1. Ben and Jerry’s Black and Tan Ice Cream 2. tater tots 3. frozen peas 4. two frozen pizzas 5. a bottle of vodka that Gabe’s parents brought back from Russia Five items in the closet: 1. […]


Ian: Wawa pets. Wawa pets. Me: Wonder Pets! Again? Ian: Wawa Pets! Me: Seriously? The Wonder Pets? Again? Are you high? Ian: High. Crap. Why do I say things like that? In my defense, we had already watched the stupid “Womder Pets!” three or four times today. He’s sick and so we can’t go anywhere, […]

Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (50 – 41)

You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here and 60 – 51 here. 50 – INXS – Shabooh Shoobah I have a very clear memory of the first time I saw the video for “The One Thing”. 1) I had no idea what […]

Weekend Recap: A Conversation

Me: If I change the sheets, do you think it guarantees Claudia puking in our bed tonight? Gabe: Yes. Yes, I do. Me: Okay, I won’t change them. She threw up in our bed anyway.