Oh man. I am the world’s biggest sucker. I just paid for this garbage. Dora “Yumsters” yogurt.
dora yogurt.gif*
The good part about the children learning to communicate better is that I can understand what they want.

The bad part about the children learning to communicate better is that I can understand what they want.

We were looking for our normal yogurt in a different grocery store when Ian started yelling “Dora! Boots! Dora! Boots!” Maybe if this crappy store had the normal yogurt I buy I could have held out, but alas, they did not. I don’t even want to talk about how much actual food you get for how much money.

What a sucker. These Yoplait people are marketing geniuses. When I’m done here I am going to print up a bunch of pictures of Pablo from “The Backyardigans” and stick them on some broccoli and see what happens.

* Sorry about the tiny pictures. I’m still working on this. I have some suggestions on how to fix these in e-mails around here somewhere, but since I just spent 20 minutes searching for a picture of Dora yogurt, I figure I’ll work on it more later.


On the Other Hand

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  1. Those bastards actually put CARS (the movie) on those hand held yogurts.

    Guess what we have in our fridge.

  2. The PB & The J ignore the Dora yogurt in our fridge and go for HoMu’s instead.

    So, needless to say, that’s the last time we purchase “specialty” yogurt…

  3. Lindsey says:

    I have the exact same yogurt in my fridge for the 2 year old. Then I have gogurt in the fridge for my 8 year old. And I have my own yoplait. I’m sure it’s all the same, too. Damn evil marketing geniuses.

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh we tried those, they are like candy yogurt. It went against my better judgement to buy those, but they were the perfect starter food when G was learning to use a spoon because they are so thick.

  5. The Dora Yogurt is better than the Trix yogurt. No obnoxious colors and there poop doesn’t turn grass green.

    And, I hate to admit it, but the “spoon hugging texture” that the Dora Yogurt has really works.

  6. I’m a serious cheapskate when it comes to that themed garbage.

  7. I love the BackYardigan’s idea! That is too funny!

  8. Add Princess gummys and Cars tatoo band-aids and you have my house. It is just wrong. Oh and blue go-gurt. I am not even convinced that the crap is really yougurt.

  9. I can’t believe the amount of stuff that has CARS on it. We’re at the store and everything is OOH LOOK CARS! Good grief.
    And you know we have ALL of the toys because having just one won’t cut it. At least McDonalds will let you buy the toys separately so you don’t have to eat all those damn happy meals.
    In my next life I am going to work in marketing, I swear.

  10. My kids want the yogurt to see if they can be a winner. Ha!!! After 6 boxes they did’nt win nothing. At least I know when I go buy a Mountain Dew I’ll at least win a free one from time to time. Why pay the big bucks to buy this crap and buy the real thing from Dannon.

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