Guess who put on her own sandals this morning?

Sandal mishap.jpg

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  1. All I saw was the title of the post on my bloglines and my guess was Klaus.

    clearly I was wrong.

    Yay for Claudia!!

  2. Unless those are Ian’s feet and given his penchant for ponies in his hair, they could be his. In that case I say Yay Ian!!

  3. y’know. you’d think there’d be a 50/50 chance of getting the shoes on the right feet. but i swear, zoe and lucy were pretty much a sure bet for putting them on the way claudia has. more like 80/20. usually i let it be, but on the occasion where i’d offer to help them with the correct feet, they insisted that they were more comfortable that way. monkeys i tell you. monkeys.

  4. How cute is that! Butterfly feet and all, I bet she was SO proud!

  5. Um, it’s a stab in the dark but I say Claudia!


  6. The shoes are on the feet. That’s really all that matters. Congrats!!

  7. I can’t believe you can even get the Goon Squad to WEAR sandals. The Brute Squad is entirely ANTI SANDAL. They scream, they cry, they kick them off, they fall down, they act like they are being tortured when I try to get them into sandals.
    Nothing less than sneakers around here…..makes a sandy trip to the beach let me tell you.

  8. my money is on Gabe because I know he cant tie his shoes yet

  9. You mean they DON’T go on that way?

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