Big Twin/Triplet/Quadruplet Blogroll

My blogroll is getting completely out of control over there. Do not be alarmed if you aren’t on it, I probably read you through bloglines anyway.

Anyway, I’ve found a bunch of new twin parents with blogs out there, and so I am going to attempt to keep track of them here.


Abigail and Porter
American Wife
Baby on Bored
The Bean Blog
Better Make it a Double
Bickers Family Blog
Big Timber’s World
Blog Picchi Pacchi
Childs Play X 2
Crazy Life, Makes Me Tired
The Curletto Family – Watch Us Grow
Desperately Seeking Baby
The Deterdings
Double Happiness Double Lucky
Dust in the Wind
The Fay Family
Fruit Salad
The Ghelerter Twins
Goddess In Progress
House of Boys
I Think About…
I’m Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor
I’m Waiting
Indigo Girl
Jelly Mom
Just Jump In
Just the 5 of Us
Kemp’s Blog
Kristin’s Four Kids
LaLa Girl – Twinfinte Chaos
Laura’s Mommy Journal
Letters to My Daughters
Lim Twins
Live! From the Wang of America!
Looky Daddy
Loss of Memory
Lovvorn Twins
Madd Babies
Mahlers on Safari
Mama Bean
Mama Hog ‘n the lets
Mama of Three Little Men
Mama Said Riot
Many a Mile To Go
My Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom
My Little Drummer Boys
My Sunshine
Nonlinear Girl
One Crazy Fiber Lady
Our Life With Twins
Perpetual Exhaustion
Pirate Papa
Planet Mom Blog
Post-IVF Mama
Preemies First, Twins Second
Radioactive Girl
Ramblings of a SAHM
Random Thoughts
Sarah and the Goon Squad
Savage Stories
Seabird Chronicles
Secondhand Tryptophan
Side By Side
The Smelker Seven
So Close
Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Sweet | Salty
Tales of Two Utes
Tales North
Temporary Sanity
Three Ring Circus
Twin Ladybugs
Twinmum & Twindad
The Twins of the Father
Two Okapis
Upside Up
We’re Having a Babies
What Was I Thinking?
Woman With a Hatchet
The Wonder Twins
The Wuggy Chronicles
You’ve Got Your Hands Full
Zookeeping at it’s Best


Amazing Trips
Angus and the Triplets

Guinn Family Home
Hennessey Triplets
Lots of Scotts
My Diary of Triplet Fatherhood
Online Triplets
Quilao Triplets
Pinneo – Triplets
Raising WEG
Sweetend Taters
Tess ‘Lil Pieces
Three City Girls: On Life With Triplet Daughters
Triple Tchorz

Triplets Plus One

Quads – Holy Crap – They Have Quads

Burkett QuadSquad
Not Quite the Spectator Essays

Quintuplets – These People Deserve a Medal – Quints!



If you are a parent of multiples and you have a blog, and you aren’t on this list, please send your link to with the words “twin blogroll” in the subject line and I will be happy to add you.

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  1. holy smokes that’s a lot of babies.

  2. Can you include me on your twins blogroll? I’ve got 13 year old b/g twins and I’ve been blogging for several years.



  3. Hey thanks for the link and that is one impressive list you have there. I’m relatively new to this so will check them out! All the best to you.

  4. Hi, I just found your blogroll. That’s awesome. I love reading about other multiples, and I can’t wait to start reading some more. I have another that you can add when you have a chance. She’s an awesome mother of triplets, so fun to read.

  5. I feel so honored to be on someone’s blogroll. What a great list! :)

  6. We had triplets GGG- Autumn, Winter and Spring on May 8, 2006 so I started blogging!!


  7. Sarah I just want to let you know you’re my hero and you also happen to be my instruction book on raising twins… You’re just far enough out in front of me that by reading your blog I can see the pit falls to avoid (talk about back handed compliments huh?)
    I had your blog live feeding into mine for a bit but my server guy says I was using to much bandwidth and it was causing my page to run slow…
    So I am replacing my fav feeds with buttons on my page ( check out what I’ve done so far)
    Anyway I dont want you to lose the viability on my page and was wondering if you have a logo you can send me so I can make you a button?
    Thanks Paula

  8. Wowza! There are a lot of us out there, huh? Thank you for choosing me. I think blogrolls are so overwhelming … that’s why I’ve been avoiding them. The result is it is even more overwhelming now. It’s a must-do … some day soon.

  9. There are so many of us out there…..

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