Who Let Me Be a Parent?

Dora and Boots keep saying “Where are we going? To the big blue bush.” and I keep picturing Marge Simpson.

Why do I tell you guys stuff like this?

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  1. heh heh.

  2. great there’s another kid’s show that I can no longer watch. not that I’m complaining. All those shows have something naughty in it for the parents. I think that’s how they get us to sit with the kids and watch it. I don’t know how many times the Wiggles have looked like they are pleasuring themselves while singing. :::shiver::: ISH.

  3. I can see myself saying that as well…

    How about Smurfette?

  4. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so we know we are not alone!

  5. Ewwwwwwwwww! Just… Ewwww.

  6. I always thought the name “The Wiggles” was code for penises. (peni?)

  7. You crack me up, ALWAYS. P.S. your new site feed isn’t working on my bloglines page. I was looking today and was like, Sarah hasn’t posted in forever so I clicked, just to be sure, and like, 25 posts later I’m laughing at Marge Simpson’s pubes and reading about poop in the tub and pee on the potty and your PMS. Damn you, bloglines!
    Yay Sarah (and tiny people and husband).

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