nullI know. We’re all supposed to hate McDonalds. My book club (not me, I was in the middle of “Jane Eyre” and I forgot all about it) just finished discussing “Fast Food Nation” and I TiVo’d “Super Size Me” (although I didn’t watch it before it was kicked off by 35 hours of “Dora”, “The Backyardigans” and “Sesame Street”). Plus, I’m one of those people that is constantly unhappy with my weight. AND I have two year olds that don’t really need fast food. It’s not like we’re on the run a lot.

But I’m lazy, and about twice a month, usually on our way back from playgroup (it ends around noon, and if we don’t have it here it can take us up to 45 minutes to get home – if there aren’t any accidents on the beltway) I’ll stop at McDonalds and grab some happy meals.

Love – I love happy meals. I love it that they get a stupid toy that keeps them busy for hours. Apparently this week there is a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme. My pirate obsessed children have been digging the treasure chest and the skull for about two hours now.

Hate – For some reason Ian is convinced that in order for him to open the treasure chest with the key, I have to hold it. It’s a good thing I can type with one hand. I’ve sunken to the level of letting them watch “Wonder Pets!” so I don’t have to hear “Mommy do it” one more time, at least for 15 minutes.

Love – Oh. Sweet. Jesus. I know you all told me, but I didn’t believe you when you all told me how good the parfaits were.

Hate/Love – When the kids don’t eat their french fries, I do. They are delicious, but once I’ve eaten Claudia’s cheeseburger and both happy meals full of fries, I may have just as well never ordered the parfait in the first place.

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  1. There are a number of things that I love/hate. McDonald’s fries are on that list. TV is kind of like that for me – I am an addict, so we don’t have cable or tivo, then there is nothing on and I don’t miss it. But if I know there are 500 channels, I will surf and surf and surf until I find something or pass out.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one finishing my kid’s meals. Good thing I don’t have twins, sounds like twice the leftovers to love/hate.

  2. I’ve sent Bump out twice in the last six weeks for a cheeseburger, fries, and chicken mcnuggets.

    Because, damn.

  3. We do chick-fil-a. The waffle fries with just a little bit of christianity. I will eat the waffle fries for a little bit of prostlytizing any day.

  4. Pirates toys? We are so going there tonight.
    Sorry I am not helpful. McDonalds a few times a month won’t kill anyone.

  5. The magic 8 ball skull is worth the hell any day.

    I just hate the Mcs with the jungle gym thingie…….festering pit of veruca’s and cold germs and my son ALWAYS wants to go in.

    My husband is a Mc’d addict and uses the kids as an excuse to go there!

  6. I try my very best not to eat fast food, but when I do, I always go for McDonald’s and *I* am the one ordering the cheeseburger happy meal because they are heavenly. The cheeseburger AND the fries. And I pass the toys along to my children or my nieces/nephews.

  7. My twins first stomach virus hit after their first McD’s Happy meal. So no more McD’s for them, for now.

    But sometimes I gotta have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I substitute the chocolate shake for the fries. Which does not help the calorie count. At. All. But, ‘ya know.

  8. My husband has started using McDonald’s as a crutch basically anytime he’s out with the kids, so our house is strewn with happy meal toys now. But you know, they eat the food, they play with the toys, it buys John a little peace… yeah, I have the love/hate thing going on too.

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