Mocha is Brewing Something Up

Kelly, over at Mocha Momma has hatched a plan that led to a project that seems to be turning into a whole ball of wax.

Confused? Try reading this.

Still confused? Yes. Well, so am I, but Kelly’s basic plan is that she got eight of her favorite bloggers that are going to BlogHer (I’m glad I typed that, because if you say it out loud it makes no sense) and is having us interview one of the other ones on our site. It will help us get to know each other better before the conference and it will also give us all new sites to check out. I was completely unfamiliar with a couple of these ladies, and others I have known personally for years. Kelly even has one of the founding members of the BlogHer website involved. This should be interesting.

Did I mention she is calling it “Pieces of Me” and we’re supposed to take pictures of random body parts for this? (Now the guys will be looking forward to it too).

Oh yeah, and after we do our interview, we pick five more people to get involved. I think.

If you are going to BlogHer, and you want to get involved, please leave me a comment and I’ll tag the first five of you who want in. If nobody signs up, I may drag you in to this anyway.

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  1. With meme’s like these, who needs enemies?

    Makes me glad I’m not a “blog-her”.

  2. sniff.


    Am. So. Jealous.

  3. It’s a good brew, too! I do believe I’d add just the right sugar and spice to my little cuppa.

    That means YOU, cutie patootie!

  4. “Brewing Something Up”-clever!

  5. I’d love to pony up to the bar on this one. Sounds fun!

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