Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (100 – 91)

Okay, I was inspired by Paige, but as to the rules – I made my own.
No classical stuff. I could do a “Sarah’s 100 Favorite Oratorios and Masses” but I would bore you all to tears.
Stay honest. I don’t like Kelly Clarkson or Kraftwerk, I’m not that into Springsteen or Zappa and I’m not going to say I do or that I am. On the other hand I am admitting how much I truly like Marilyn Manson’s older music, and that causes me pain. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell the children that I like the worst Celtic Frost album the best. This is really a lose/lose rule.
Don’t talk about Fight Club
No compilations or Soundtracks. I’m okay with it if you use them. It just complicates my list too much. This was tough, since some of my favorite albums are “Greatest Hits” albums. This caused me to leave off some artists that I really love (Black Sabbath, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, The Doors, Ozzy, Cream,ABBA, The Police, Velvet Underground, Simon and Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix, Alico Cooper, Adam Ant, Billy Joel etc.)
– Like Croutonboy, I just can’t live with the one CD per artist thing. If I can only choose one Alice in Chains CD, I’ll start lying about what I like, and that violates rule #2.

Anyway – here I go:
Automatic For the People REM
100 – R.E.M. – Automatic For the People
100 is a lot. The one on this album that always gets me is “Try Not to Breathe”. I’m a big fan of the whole counterpoint structure in in rock music and in this case it is paired with lovely/painful lyrics. I don’t really listen to a lot of R.E.M., but sometimes I think I should.
99 – Dr. Dre – The Chronic
Everybody knows why this is a good album. This was my first real exposure to West Coast rap music. It still holds up.
98 – L7 – Brinks Are Heavy
Like I said before. 100 is a lot. These get (somewhat) more reasonable near the top of the list. Gabe hates L7, but I like them. This is one of the first CD’s that I bought right after I bought a CD player. “Smell the Magic” might be a better album, but this one holds a special place in my heart.

Songs for the Deaf
97 – Queens of the Stone Age – Songs For the Deaf
I really enjoy Dave Grohl as a musician, as long as he isn’t singing. I don’t actually have any problem with his voice, I’m just not into the Foo Fighters. Queens of the Stone Age, on the other hand…

Talkin' blues_Marley
96 – Bob Marley & the Wailers – Talkin’ Blues
I guess this one should probably be higher, but these were tough to organize. “Walk the Proud Land” may be one of my favorite songs ever. It really showcases what made The Wailers so great. It has a phenomenal groove and I love the way the three voices fit together.

95 – The Who – Tommy
Oh crap. Is this a soundtrack? Have I already broken one of my rules? Anyway, don’t get mad, but while the musical is complete nonsense, the music is brilliant.

94 – Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet
I know. Bon Jovi is kind of lame, but I listened to this album so many times in Jr. High that I had to replace the LP with a tape. Then I had to replace the tape with a CD. It is very nostalgic for me. I saw Bon Jovi live on this tour and it was my first concert ever.

Screaming For Life
93 – Soundgarden – Screaming For Life/Fopp
I think this is technically two EP’s put together on one CD, but to me it was always a whole. This was back when Soundgarden was young and it has a really raw sound.

Manitoba's Wild Kingdom
92 – Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom – …And You?
Does anybody have any Dictators albums that they want to burn for me? I know it’s a shame that this is my only exposure to Handsome Dick Manitoba.

love gun_kiss
91 – KISS – Love Gun
At first I wasn’t going to pick one KISS album, but then I looked at the track list on this one. “Christine Sixteen”, “Plaster Caster”, “I Stole Your Love”… KISS has released so much garbage that sometimes it is hard to remember that they have written some great rock and roll songs.

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  1. Did anyone besides Bridgette see an album cover that wasn’t “Love Gun” but was, ahem, something shooting out of somebody’s butt?

  2. I loved Bon Jovi in junior high too. I tried to get tickets to the concert when they came to town, but they sold out in just a few hours. I was devastated. Brings back memories.

  3. I think I saw the picture Bridgette is referring to on bloglines – then clicked through and the right one was there.

    This is a HUGE undertaking – especially for you. I don’t think I could do it. I know I couldn’t do it with the same amount of music knowledge as you. Looking forward to the next 90.

    (That early Soundgarden would be on my list, though, too. I listened to that tape over and over again in high school.)

  4. i love automatic for the people too and in fact just put it on before i read your blog. in fact, i kind of rediscovered it recently and renewed my love for it. i love how music is that way – you can put something away for 10 years, pull it out, and find a new way to love it.

  5. I saw a question about a butt, but I can’t answer now. You had earlier mentioned not finding Paige and then I went looking for her in flickr and YOU’VE ALREADY FOUND HER! In fact, she just left me a message on my blog since I’m stalking her in the name of SARAH!


  6. #94–Lame, you say? WTF? Just kidding–but I think I’ve made my stance on Bon Jovi very, very clear. I love them. When I saw that you were doing this, I knew I could never come up with 100, but based on album I’ve listened to most often in my life and still smile every time I hear a song off of it, Slippery When Wet would have been my #1. At the lowest, #2–I’ll tell you what would be tied with it when I’ve read all of yours. I want to see if it will make the list and where.

  7. You could give me ten guesses at a Bob Marley album to appear on this list, and I would NOT have picked that one. Well played.

    Automatic for the People was on my list until just before I published it, which I guess makes it officially #101. Nice.

    Oh, and I hate Soundgarden. Bring it.

  8. I just say, bring back that Alternative Album Cover for the Kiss Album.
    I’ve NEVER seen anything shoot out of someone’s ass like that……

  9. Love hearing about other people’s musical loves. Looking forward to all the posts in this series!

  10. I am going to try not to argue every album but I do want to say one thing about #97. This is a great album but I think you are not being fair to the band. They put out a lot of great music (that we own) without Dave Grohl. Give ups where ups be due not just to the guy who played drums on that album.

  11. Gabe has a good point. The Queens of the Stone Age were good even before they got Dave Grohl. I was just too lazy to look up the names of the other guys and plus I can’t spell KYUSS. Or Kuyss, or is it Kryuss?

  12. I wasn’t shocked by any of them except the Dr. Dre. For some reason, I never would have guessed that one.

  13. This list would take me years to make. I would obsess over who and what to include and then it would have to be the right order of course. On the other hand, 100 albums are quite a lot and a Top 10 list would be much harder to do.

    That Queens of the Stone Age album is my personal favorite from them, in part due to the excellent drumming on it. And Kyuss are so dang good, it hurts. And I’m a big Foo Fighters fan as well, even though I didn’t get their last album, and like the first two the best. Actually, The Color and the Shape would definitely be in my personal Top 10.

  14. Tommy is not a soundtrack. If you’d listed the actual soundtrack – with Elton John, etc. – then you’d be breaking your rules. But Tommy is an excellent album. As is Screaming Life/Fopp. Ultramega OK also captures their early, raw sound well.

  15. I’m amazed. Michael Jackson ahead of Bon Jovi. I thought I knew you. Have you forgotten the falling drumsticks??? The way Jon looked at us…the way he smiled and turned his head as we watched thousands of times in slow motion??? That’s not even including actual MUSIC! Wild in the Streets alone makes this album deserve to be in top 10. You have to admit the music is still pretty good. You don’t HAVE to admit it…but I know you do.

  16. Alison – yeah, I think all of that opera training really put me on the death metal/punk rock path.

    Jill – What was I thinking? I forgot how much Jon loved us. If I wasn’t so bad at code I would go switch them.

    You guys have no idea how hard it is to put 100 albums in order. I’m still making changes, which is rough because I’ve already published my bottom 20. I need to hurry up and post the rest before I drive myself crazy.

  17. I have to agree with CroutonBoy – I never would have guessed that particular Marley album – again, well played.

    I was never a big fan of Automatic for the People – I prefer the older stuff likes Fables of the Reconstruction – oops, I probably said too much.

  18. umm yea you called slipknot a death metal band .. that is 100% incorrect .. they are what is classified as nu metal .. and don’t fit into the category of those shitty ass death metal bands that have no message .. as for the lyrical content … slipknot has always had a message .. if you didn’t get that from their first album .. MATE.FEED.KILL.REPEAT. which probably isn’t the album you’re referring to .. you’re probably referring to their self titled album .. then you will never understand them .. Cory Taylor is the man .. granted he wasn’t their singer for MFKR .. but it was still kick ass and had a message .. so get your shit straight

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