Sarah’s Favorite Albums of All Time (90 – 81)

You can find 100 – 91 here.

90 – 81. Easily my most embarrassing block of 10.

90 – Faster Pussycat – Faster Pussycat
Again, picking 100 is a lot. This album is terrible musically, but I still like it. It has a ton of energy and it really represents that dirty L.A. glam metal sound that I used to love.
OK Computer
89 – Radiohead – OK Computer
I don’t listen to a ton of Radiohead, but maybe I should. This is one of those albums that people go so nuts about that you are compelled to listen to it. I did and this one was worth it.
88 – Slipknot – Vol. 3 – The Subliminal Verses
Slipknot is one of those bands that Gabe was always telling me I would like. I remember when their first album came out I wasn’t that thrilled. I like a lot of really heavy music (there will be a lot more of it on this list) but Slipknot just didn’t do anything for me – until this album came out. They grew up a lot and the songwriting is really mature for a death metal band.
87 – Sea Hags – Sea Hags
Here it is. The dreaded Sea Hags. I only know one other person that likes this album (Hi Mike!). Maybe I should have put it lower on the list (it should probably just switch places with “Talkin’ Blues”) but I thought if I put a bunch of crazy shit no one had ever heard of in my bottom 100 nobody would read any further.
86 – Michael Jackson – Thriller
You know you like it too. Let’s move on.
85 – Gorillaz – Gorillaz
Have you heard the song “5/4”? It is literally in a 5/4 time signature. It blows my mind. From what I understand “Demon Days” is supposed to be even better, but that album came out after The Goon Squad was born. If you’ll notice almost all the music I listen to was released before May of 2004.
Sticky Fingers
84 – The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
Trite? Probably. But it’s The Stones. “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”, “Brown Sugar”, “Wild Horses”. Come on. Who is going to argue with that?
Night Songs
83 – Cinderella – Night Songs
I know Croutonboy and Chag both picked “Long Cold Winter”, but I like “Night Songs” better. It’s more rock and less ballad. Tom Kiefer’s voice is not cut out for ballads. Oh, but the way. Do you want to hear a really funny story about Cinderella? Just go here and then come back. I’ll wait.

Led Zeppelin II
82 – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II
Mainly because “Ramble On” is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. I’m not even sure what I should say about this album. I feel like by just saying “Led Zeppelin II” you know exactly what I’m talking about. Is it the guitar sound? Is it the riff that leads into “Living Loving Maid”? I don’t even know exactly what makes this my favorite Zeppelin album. It’s just good.
Exile in Guyville Liz Phair
81 – Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville
Okay, she’s done a lot of stuff I don’t like too, but this album has a lot of really good material on it. This represents what is great about Liz Phair. “Johnny Sunshine” hits a chord with me. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you don’t understand why people like her, you should listen to this album.

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  1. Ah! You’re killing me with these 10-at-a-time posts… the suspense is unbearable!! Anyway, a lot of Radiohead fans disagree with me, but “Kid A” is probably my favorite album period. It’s not exactly like #89, but it’s pretty amazing. Just a tip. And I’m so with you on “Night Songs.” Looking forward to #1!!!

  2. gorillaz = so good

    my favorite by them is on demon days. it’s a short little ditty called “all alone”. check it out.

  3. I can’t stand Radiohead. To be fair, I have never really given them a real chance either, but that whiny voice is just too much for me. And the hype around them. I just don’t wanna like them. I’m sticking with Pink Floyd.

    Listening to Thriller is like watching Anakin Skywalker. It’s fun and exciting and there is nothing wrong with it. And then you remember what will eventually become of them.

    I love talking about Sticky Fingers, not only because it’s so great, but also because I have it on vinyl, with the original, uncensored cover with a real zipper on it. Isn’t that great?

    I can’t really pick a Led Zeppelin favorite, but I think two has just the right mix of folk and rock influences on it. 1 and 3 are a more folk than rock, 4 is almost all the way rock. But 2 seems to be an almost perfect symbiosis. It’s also the only album of theirs that I have on vinyl.

  4. The Sea Hags. Damn, I’d totally forgotten about them! Excellent choice with Faster Pussycat, although I think I prefer their second album.

  5. I have that Sea Hags tape. Was it you that convinced me to buy it? The more I read of this, the more I want to do a list too. I would have picked different Bon Jovi, Cinderella and Faster Pussycat albums – but they’d all be on my list too. RS & LZ are two bands that I would feel like I was supposed to put on the list but couldn’t if I were being honest with myself. I think our tastes were very similar until college, then I diverged considerably and started listening to a lot more hippy music and folk instead of the heavy stuff. Damn liberal arts education …

  6. Really enjoying the list so far. You’ve got great taste in music (of course, that’s coming from me, so take it any way you want). That Faster Pussycat album will be on my list as well.

  7. Exile in Guyville kicks ass…he’s just a hero in a long lines of heroes…that was my theme song for awhile.

  8. Sea Hags? Are you serious? I like a ton of crappy 80s rock/metal and even I hate these guys. If Enuff Z’Nuff shows up on your list I am going to pretend I don’t know you. Slipknot is one of only three bands that came out after 1995 that I actually like. The other two are Godsmack and Disturbed. Speaking of Distubed have you heard their cover of “Land of Confusion”? Fan-freaking-tastic! Those guys do a great job taking wimpy 80s pop and rockin’ it (also their cover of “Shout”, Eric’s favorite song). I’d have Night Songs much higher.

  9. Thriller, thrill er night

    i had the video… enuf said

    ah hee hee hoo!

  10. Sarah,
    In my former life before fatherhood of twins I was in a band that opened for the SeaHags in San Francisco. What a crazy band and the nicest people. We used to love playing with them. Lot’s of crazy lesbians used to show up to the shows and they would have BBQ’s before the show for the fans.

  11. My husband got Demon Days in our last Best Buy swoop, and it is REALLY good. Dennis Hopper narrating over Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head is trippy but interesting.

    I owned Thriller on LP, and remember how it opened up to reveal Micheal in the same reclinining position but he was wearing his CAT EYE CONTACTS from the Thriller video? It scared the living shit out of me and I had to give the album away.

  12. Liz Phair was soooooo tantalizingly close to making my top 100. I wanted her there, but couldn’t make it work.

    Never. Ever. Apologize about a Stones album. Unless it somehow involves “Harlem Shuffle.”

  13. I just listened to Exile in Guyville today! It is 1.8 million times better than any of her recent stuff. (NASA calculated that for me). OK Computer, sweet – they kind of lost me after that though.

  14. Seriously, Faster Pussycat, Bon Jovi, Cinderella?

    If you weren’t already married…oh yeah, and there’s my gay thing.

    What could have been. SIGH.

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