Ditching The Squad (just for the day)

I thought I posted this yesterday. Whoops.

For today we have a rotating cast of babysitters (seriously, Gabe’s sister, Dad and Mom are all taking turns) while I take these clowns (and their Mom) downtown to do some sight seeing.

If you are bored feel free to send hate mail to Cox Communications. I still don’t have home phone service.

Oh and go wish Mo-Wo and P-Man congratulations on their new baby. 10 lbs. 3 oz! Mine were just over that added together. They do good work.

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  1. Hate mail….yeah. I wish you would have suggested that last week, because I had my period & I was raging.

  2. HYDRATE! Dude, it is hot out there today, and trekking the Mall can be brutal.

  3. Will get to emailing Cox immediately.

    (you were amazed for a moment there, weren’t you? I’m sorry, I can’t even get my own cable company working, but I send you plenty of supportive, empathetic vibes)

  4. Enjoy your day with the clowns! 😉 They look like a cute couple of monkies!

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