The Demon Cat

Tammy came to visit me with her boys this week. Yesterday (as I thought I posted yesterday, but really I put it up this morning because, really, I’m not that bright) the four of us went downtown to do some touristy stuff.


As it turns out, I have friends that are much cooler than I am. I won’t name any names here, but one of my friends that works for “The Man” took us on a tour of The Capitol yesterday. It was really cool. We got to sit in The House Gallery where we watched upwards of 12 Congresspeople debating about an amendment to ban gay marraige. (Don’t even get me started). But really, we did see a lot of good stuff.

Now even though our tour guide swore that he/she was terrible at giving tours, he/she told a story that I think is going to stick with Justin and Eric for a while. The story was this (paraphrased): When they first built The Capitol they had a rat problem. The powers that were brought in cats to alleviate the rat problem and they ended up with a cat problem. Our guide said that some of the staffers took cats home, while others went out to live on farms and the rest “went to live on farms” (if you know what we mean). Apparently they caught all of the cats except for one. The rumor is that just outside the chamber where the original Supreme Court presided people have seen this “demon cat”. At first, it appears to be a little black housecat, and he gets bigger and bigger until he is the size of a cougar and he will pounce, but as soon as the person who sees him makes a noise the cat disappears. Our guide also said that The Demon Cat is often seen before big changes in power and right before tragedies.

Okay, cool story, but apparently Justin (7) and Eric (4) were a little bit freaked out about it. I guess my two cats weren’t helping anything. Tammy said that Eric had a terrible time getting to sleep. He was laying in bed with her and said “Mommy, are there really such things as ghost cats?”. Tammy said “No, of course not, it’s just a made up story.” Eric said “So, it’s just a story?” and then he immediately fell asleep.

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  1. Nice touring. Is there a charge? HoMu, The PB & The J and I will be in DC next week.

  2. So THATs why Tammy quit posting! *waves* Hi Tammy.

    Sounds like a cool tour.

  3. Sarah- why dont you show updates in my Bloglines anymore? Did the Demon cat get you?

  4. That’s all I have to do? Tell them it’s a story? Hmmm. Who knew?

  5. Great Story! I’m going to change it a tad and use it to scare my children. Boo-Wa-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha (evil cackle)

  6. But…but…but…is it TRUE?

  7. You’re guess is as good as this guy’s I guess.

  8. Sounds like quite a tour. I’ll bet it was tough to keep quiet during a debate about a possible gay marriage ban. You were probably wanting to do the old sneeze-disguised “ASS-hole!”

  9. We use to use this cat story when raft guiding (to waste time in the dead spots of the river). Our revolved around the raft barn though and big storms. I had no idea it had such huge ancestory.

  10. You know what? I think that now I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight. Although I suspect it has more to do with the current state of the Supreme Court than a phantom pussy.

  11. Funny, I used to work in the Capitol and give tours and I never heard that story, not even once! Still, it’s interesting.

  12. The crypt below the Capitol building is really, really creepy, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if all sorts of nasties were under there.

  13. That’s hilarious. I used to work for The Man up there myself and give those tours to friends and family when they came to town (though I have often wondered if you can still get as much access now as you could in the pre-9/11 days). I never heard that story about the cats before. Did you get to see the old bathtubs in the basement of the Capitol? That’s always a cool random thing to see. But it’s this little teeny room off the kitchen area so you really have to know where you’re going.

  14. I’ve never heard of that. And now I’m afraid to go to sleep. And I’m afraid of ghost cats. Damn tours.

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