Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (70 – 61)

This whole thing is amazing. I really thought that doing this list would be all for me, but I’ve been getting a ton of feedback. This has been great. I encorage everyone to do the same if you have the time.

You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here and 80 – 71 here.

Hives Veni Vidi Vicious
70 – The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious
This is such a great rock n roll album. It doesn’t have any real gimmick, it just has good songs.

69 – Garbage – Garbage
I was standing in a used CD store in Ft. Lauderdale the first time I heard Garbage. It was a pretty new album at the time and I bought it right then and there (and you know the used places rip you off on the new stuff). This is an underappreciated band.

Live through this hole
68 – Hole – Live Through This
Gabe hates Hole. I understand why people don’t like Courtney Love. I don’t think I like Courtney Love, but I like this album. A lot.

Mudvayne LD50
67 – Mudvayne – L.D. 50
Huh. I don’t even know what L.D. 50 means. I do know that “Nothing to Gein” is badass. I also know that while I fought against the Mudvayne “makeup gimick” (which in their defense, they don’t do anymore) I couldn’t get past how good this album was. Is. It’s good. It’s clever. It’s heavy and it’s creative. I dig it. Get it? I guess you only get that if you actually know who Mudvayne is. I’m okay with that.

Violator Depeche Mode
66 – Depeche Mode – Violator
“Violator”. Wow. I’m trying to think of a song that makes me want to dance more than “Personal Jesus” and all I’m coming up with is “Thinderkiss ’65“. Yet, this album has so much more than just “Personal Jesus”. I think five of these songs were singles, and they are all quality tracks. This is the only Depeche Mode that you will see on my list because in my mind it stands so far above all their other records. They have a lot of other songs that I like, just not entire albums that grab me the way that “Violator” does.

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste Ministry
65 – Ministry – The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
This album was my first taste of industrial heaviness. My friend Jana made me a tape in 1990 that had this on one side and “Pretty Hate Machine” on the other side. I’m pretty sure the tape is no longer listenable from being overplayed.

Licensed to Ill=Beastie Boys
64 – The Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill
My favorite line from this album is “We drink, and rhyme, and rhyme and pillage.” I think in other circumstances I would like to live my life like that.

63 – Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle
I almost left this one off. Then I put in in in the low 80’s. Then I moved it higher, then I moved it higher again. Snoop is so overplayed at this point that I had forgotten how good this album was. There is a ton of great music on this disc.

62 – Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger
The guitar sound on “Outshined” alone is a reason to love this album. For a long time I considered Soundgarden my favorite band. Going back through the albums I can’t ecactly put my finger on what it was about them that struck such a nerve with me in college, but maybe it had something to do with that drop D tuning.

61 – The Cult – Electric
Every time I hear “Wild Flower” I want to dance. The Cult is one of those bands that I liked until I saw them live. After that I loved them. (Sort of the opposite of Soundgarden).

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  1. Reading the lists, I realize that there are still a lot of bands and albums out there that I have heard of and thought I might like, but that I never got a chance to listen to. I also have a hard time liking bands with too much makeup. But one thing’s for sure, that Garbage album is great, and so is Hole. I mean you can hate Courtney Love all you want, especially now that she is pretty much the exact opposite of what Hole were about, but Live Through This is so darn good, it kicks me in the gut every time we listen to it. And even though it could be considered lame to like first songs best, my favorite song is Violet. It’s off the hizzle.

  2. How you don’t have “License to Ill”, “Badmotorfinger” and “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste” higher I’ll never know. Well, I probably will if I keep reading this. The fact that The Hives, Radiohead and Depeche Mode have been on your list thus far depresses me, but I’m sure I’ll see even more crap. But hey, Sacred Reich’s “The American Way” would be in my top 50, so who am I to judge.

  3. I drug a handful of Jeromy’s friends to a Soundgarden concert at a small venue in ’91. There were maybe 50 people there & the mosh pit was empty, yet a few die-hards were still attempting to stage dive. Our friends, who had never heard of Soundgarden, were completely unimpressed. I didn’t care, b/c I was smitten with Chris Cornell. One year later I drug Mich & Jeromy to see Soundgarden again at the same venue, and it was packed. Jeromy and I spent some time up front but we weren’t dumb enough to stage dive. Mich? I think she fell asleep in the balcony.

    What’s your live Soundgarden story?

  4. What I always wondered about is where Courtney Love got all of those bruises…

  5. Damn Bloglines….hasn’t been telling me when you’ve got new posts….

    Anyway, The Hives are a GREAT choice for this list…under-rated and utterly infectious music. Depeche Mode surprises me, but mostly because it doesn’t usually get thrown onto the same list with Anthrax. And I still prefer the Gourds version of Gin & Juice to Snoops, but it takes someone like the Doggfather to write it in the first place…

  6. I admire you for taking this on. Some days I wonder where I would begin. Somehow I don’t think Debbie Gibson’s Out of the Blue would make me all that popular:)

  7. I was a HUGE fan of Hole’s last CD “Celebrity Skin.” I think they got better as they went on, and then when she decided to go solo, everything crashed…

  8. I love these; I’ve gone back and looked at all of them. And I totally think that Depeche Mode and Anthrax and Hole can go on the same list. Love it.

  9. I totally WILL sit next to you at BlogHer, but only if you promise to bring Electric on a boom box and we can play it and sing out loud. Although I think I like Love better, but it’s up for debate.

    The only thing is Nate will totally be jealous because as I’ve said, I think you’re his soul mate.

  10. I just want to say, in my defense, that I like Soundgarden very much. I believe, perhaps, that I engaged too willingly or too excessively in some kind of recreational pre-concert activity. That’s how I remember it.

  11. Wow! Four of my favorite albums are in this post (Garbage, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode and Hole)! I still have it in my head that Courtney Love didn’t actually write the songs in Live Through This.

  12. I am so scared Sarah and my husband are going to run off together and…listen to music!

  13. SARAH!!!!! HEY MOMMA! I like most ‘o this stuff too. Too bad we’re not gonna be at BlogHer together to jam out with this shit.

    Thanks also for checkin’ back. It’s so hard to keep up. You’re always gonna be my beeyotch tho. Kiss, kiss!

  14. Great list. I’m looking forward to seeing what ends up higher. Badmotorfinger is a killer album. Hrm. I might just have to dial that up on the old iPod now!

  15. DM, The Cult and Beastie Boys – have you, by any chance, hijacked my collection?

  16. I have to agree that Violator is a fantastic album. DM is my all time favorite band, but my favorite concert tour of theirs was Violator. Dave Gahan shaking his ass to “Enjoy the Silence” – I nearly fainted.

    Lots of other good ones here – love Beasties and Ministry too.

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  2. […] can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here, 50 – 41 here and 40 – 31 […]

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