Randomness Part 43

Yes, that Bruce Dickinson. (Thanks, Kaiser)

-For those of you that use wordpress and also have a site meter – Do you also notice vast differences between what short stat says and what site meter says? Shot stat easily says I have three times the hits that site meter recognizes, and that is only counting unique hits. Is it really possible that over 200 individual people come here each day? Two weeks ago Wednesday it said I had 993 hits and 237 of them were unique. Yesterday it said I had over 1400. Is it possible it’s just my Mom 400 times and the rest are Kelly and Trish or me checking for spelling errors? I feel like a rock star.

-Today I was at the grocery store and the guy ringing me up was particuarly chatty. He mentioned that he made $14 an hour and so he was lloking for a new job. $14 an hour for ringing up groceries?!? I think the most money I ever made as a cashier was $5.85/hr. That sounds pretty good to me. Where can I sign up?

As I was coming homefrom taking Tammy and children back to the airport I was talking to Devra on the phone. Devra was saying that I might want to wait to start taking my medication until after BlogHer, you know for the drinking part . Right then, Claudia barfed in the car. She screamed the whole rest of the way home (only about five minutes, but still). When we pulled in the garage she started screaming about “outside”. When I let her out of her seat (I still had to let Ian loose) she collapsed on the garage floor and screamed for me to put her shirt back on – which is funny because 1) it had vomit on it and 2) I wasn’t able to get it off in the first place, due to the screaming and flailing. I dragged (drug?) her inside where she laid on the floor and screamed and screamed and screamed some more. As I was trying to calm her down, Ian hurt himself in a location unknown to me.

I found him. I still don’t know what happened but he assured me he had a “leg boo boo”. As they were both crying and yelling I decided, no, I would not wait. I will continue to take my medicine. Maybe by the next time something like this happens it will have kicked in. I mean, everything was fine and nobody got hurt but AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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  1. Wow. I might have started the “drinking part” rather than the medicine this afternoon, but I think you did the more responsible thing.

  2. At least you don’t have my kids at your house anymore to add to the problems.

  3. You mean that stuff makes the screaming stop? Where do I sign up?

  4. I guess I can hold Claudia’s hair. Remember you were forwarned about my sympathetic puking problem. So does this mean you will hold MY hair?

  5. Hope the vomit and the screaming have relented. And…that cashier…wow…he makes more per hour than our preschool teachers. Wow.

  6. I remember the only time (thank the stars) that Noodle hurled in the car. She said something like uh-oh and just started and then hurled and hurled and hurled and hurled. You get the point. We were amazed a child so small could have so much. I couldn’t imagine trying to juggle two in that scenario.

  7. Uuck! Man, when it rains it pours. Why is that? Thank God for meds.

  8. woohoo! unique visitor counts ROCK! you are kicking ass! :)

  9. I, for one, can’t wait to see you shit-faced. With or without medication. But if the medication counteracts and bends you to my will so that when I say, “Sarah! Pull down your pants!” you obey, then I’m all for you taking the meds.

    You did, in fact, use the correct form of that verb! Yippee! You wouldn’t have “drugged” her either, because we would call the cops on you.

    Leave your meds on the counter in your hotel bathroom. Just… you know…. trust me.

  10. Miles can now be counted on to puke anytime we go out to dinner, on the ride home. Serious car sickness issues.

    I keep one of those bibs with a pocket on the front on him on the way home. Plus – I dose him with dramamine 3/4 of the way through dinner when I can.

    Puke in the car is the BEST. Who knew carseats had so many nooks and crannies?

  11. You ARE a rock star, albeit a hair-band one.

  12. And I can’t believe you put IN UTERO so low on your list.

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