Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (50 – 41)

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Shabooh Shoobah INXS
50 – INXS – Shabooh Shoobah
I have a very clear memory of the first time I saw the video for “The One Thing”. 1) I had no idea what they were eating, and 2) my babysitter was in love with Michael Hutchence. I didn’t understand why she liked him so much. Years later I saw the video for “Need You Tonight” and then I understood completely. Completely. Oh yeah, and I like the album.

49 – Testament – The New Order
The first mosh pit I was ever accidentally caught up in was at a Testament show at Jannus Landing. I still love this album, even though I know it isn’t Mozart. My favortie song on this album is “Trial By Fire” but also check out their cover of Aerosmith’s “Nobody’s Fault”.

Suicide Machines
48 – The Suicide Machines – Destruction By Definition
It starts unbelievable strong with “New Girl” and it stays good. This album is hard enough to be considered punk, but it is still really upbeat. I highly recommend the song “Islands”.

47 – Pink Floyd – The Wall
I’m not sure why, but I always think that at some point I won’t like this album anymore. Maybe I think I’ll outgrow it. But every time I listen to it something else gets me. Hell, every time I head “Comfortably Numb” is gets me.

46 – Peter Tosh – Mama Africa
One summer I came home from college and my brother was really into reggae. I’m sure you can imagine the circumstances leading up to that, but he introduced me to a whole world of non-“Legend” island music. I think even I am surprised at how much reggae music is on my list. I feel like this is teaching me a lesson about what I really like.

45 – Nine Inch Nails – Broken
“Wish” is almost as heavy as it gets. That song is like being kicked in the stomach – but in a good way. I tend to forget about this album. I guess technically it’s an EP, but once you add the two hidden tracks it is almost full length.

44 – The Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Once somebody explained the reference in “California Uber Alles” (I know, it’s sad. Remember I was educated in the Florida public school system) I decided that this was my kind of band. “Holiday in Cambodia” is brilliant and who doesn’t appreciate “Let’s Lynch the Landlord”? Did I ever tell you guys that Gabe wants to form a Dead Kennedys cover band and call it Stealing People’s Mail? See why I married him?

43 – Danzig – Danzig
Oh, Glen Danzig. I used to think you were such a badass. I loved the Jim Morrison/lounge style lyrics with the crunchy music underneath. Then I found out you thought you were Wolverine and you wouldn’t even talk about being in The Misfits. Even worse, you tricked me into buying “Black Aria”. (Sigh.) Still, “Twist of Cain” and “She Rides” are great. I like them very much.

42 – Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar
I may be alone on this one. I really like this album. I really think that before Brian Warner got caught up in being “Marilyn Manson” these guys made some great music. Even I think the line “I am the faggot anti-Pope” may be over the top, but I still somehow like the title track.

41 – The White Stripes – Elephant
I have a love/hate relationship with Jack White. I want to hate him. He freaks me out. He seems like an asshole, but I love almost all of his music. I can’t help myself. “The Air Near My Fingers”, “The Hardest Button to Button”, “There’s No Home For You Here”. Hmm. Maybe this album should be higher on my list. I’m going to get it out and listen to it right after The Goon Squad wakes up.

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  1. Shabooh Shabah is a lot of fun. I miss Michael Hutchence sometimes – I wonder what sort of sound he would be making now. Bono said the kindest thing about him after he died, he was going on about how great he was and how much everyone liked him and then he seemed to realize he wasn’t saying it right, paused and said “Well, he was like oxygen.”
    Pretty amazing thing to say about someone.

    Best Marilyn Manson line ever “I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.”
    God….some days that is so true.

  2. I loved Michael Hutchence until the day I found out he stole Bob Geldof’s wife.

    I mean – COME ON! Bob Geldof? Isn’t he up for Sainthood despite the heroin? Who steals the wife of a Nobel Peace Prize winnner?

  3. I’m starting to think you’re the little sister my parents never told me about. You have EXCELLENT taste in music (but keep in mind who’s telling you that).

  4. Chag – I can’t believe our parents never told you about me.

  5. I feel the same way about Jack White. Hate him…kinda respect him. HATE him…kinda think he’s talented. Dammit.

  6. the kaiser says:

    Weren’t Twist of Cain and She Rides on Danzig II: Lucifuge?

    Also, in reference to the previous 10, Green River broke up because the Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam contingent wanted to be famous rock stars. The Mudhoney contingent didn’t. So Mudhoney never really tried to “hit the bigtime” as it were.

  7. I can’t believe Geldof was nominated. (Don’t get me started on Norwegians and their peace accords and peace prizes and all.)

  8. If he really WAS like oxygen, she couldn’t help but leave old strung out Bob Geldoff for him, now could she?

  9. You are not alone on liking “Antichrist Superstar”/Marilyn Manson. “Mechanical Animals” was always my favorite.

    “Suck” by Nine Inch Nails (one of the hidden tracks) will probably always been one of my favorite songs.

    And “Elephant” is good. But “De Stijl” and “White Blood Cells” are better. If you don’t have them (assuming they’re not on your list!), I would definitely check them out.

    Your list has got me thinking about my FAVORITE favorite albums… maybe I’ll do a list on my blog, too…

  10. I wish I had the attention span to do 100 of these. For now, your list suits me nicely. You’re like my mysic BFF.

  11. I did not expect to see The Suicide Machines here. I thought I was the only person that likes them. I have the sticker that came with that album on the inside of the cover of my calculator. I know a picture would be much better here, but our camera is still away for repair.

  12. You should really find more albums with images of skulls and zombies on them…

  13. You should see our house.

    Kidding. I’m kidding.

    Sort of.

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