5 Things

Lumpyhead’s Mom tagged me for the 5 things meme – so here goes.

Five items in my freezer

1. Ben and Jerry’s Black and Tan Ice Cream
2. tater tots
3. frozen peas
4. two frozen pizzas
5. a bottle of vodka that Gabe’s parents brought back from Russia

Five items in the closet:

1. My Simeon Rice jersey
2. My old work clothes
3. A pair of black platform boots
4. A bag from Target that only had trash in it (but I just threw it away)
5. My new Bucs sweatshirt

Five items in the car

1. Two car seats
2. A double stroller
3. A Laurie Berkner CD
4. A bag with a bunch of kids percussion stuff in it for music playgroup
5. My good sunglasses

Five items in my backpack
(Okay, but I’ll warn you, my backpack is currently being used as a diaper bag)

1. diapers
2. wipes
3. a baggie half full of goldfish
4. one pink pacifier, one blue one
5. a pair of pink sunglasses (I have no idea what Ian did with his)

Five people I tag

1. Devra
2. Trish
3. Samantha
4. Kelly
5. Elizabeth

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  1. Do you have naughty sunglasses somewhere else?

  2. That, my friend, is none of your beeswax.

  3. Simeon Rice?

  4. What is it about goldfish. They are everywhere. I bet almost all moms with a two year old has a baggie in her purse/backpack/diaper bag, glove box, and in the backseat. And one of those has three crunched up ones and one without a head left.

    WHo is Laurie Berkner?

  5. PERRRRRRFECT meme for me to do first thing tomorrow morning before my flight leaves. Thanks for an easy one!

    Please bring those black platform boots with you for this weekend. I beg of you. Don’t give me that it’s-not-the-right-time-to-wear-them crap either.

    Pair it with the Rice jersey. Nothing else. Sexxxxayyyy.

  6. I put Ian’s sunglasses in the house. I think I put them in the wagon.

  7. I have platform boots. Am I supposed to bring them????? I just packed, but I suppose I could make room if we are supposed to bring platform boots. I bought them as a joke so I would be as tall as the teens I used to work with.

    Somebody better let me know, because otherwise I will fill my suitcase with useless crap instead of what I really must bring!

  8. Can I tell you how sick it is that I’m excited you tagged me? I’m a meme virgin! Thanks (nudge nidge wink wink) for making me a little less innocent.

    You rock.

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