Sarah’s 100 Favorite Albums of All Time (40 – 31)

I guess I should just hurry up and post the rest of these before you guys lose interest. Behold: 40 – 31.

You can see 100 – 91 here, 90 – 81 here , 80 – 71 here, 70 – 61 here, 60 – 51 here and 50 – 41 here.

Kill EM All
40 – Metallica – Kill ‘Em All
Hey guys, remember when Metallica was good? It’s been a while. But they sure were good in 1983.

Theatre of Pain Motley Crue
39 Motley Crue – Theatre of Pain
I know a lot of people refer to this album as “Theatre of Shame” but I really like it. It might be a little anthemic at times but it was 1985.

38 – Bob Marley – Exodus
The song “Exodus” is almost an epic. This album moves almost like a symphony, it has a flow and seems like one whole piece. It one of those albums that I don’t like to take apart, but listen to in order.

Cause of Death
37 – Obituary – Cause of Death
I know that “Slowly We Rot” is supposed to be their best album, but I like “Cause of Death”. I absolutely love their cover of “Circle of the Tyrants” and I always use “Body Bags” as the song in my head when I’m trying to figure out 60 beats per minute. My music theory teachers in college would be so proud.

U2 war
36 – U2 – War
U2 fans are going to get mad at me but to me this album is what was good about U2 before Bono decided he was Jesus. Come on, think about “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” and then think about “Beautiful Day”. You have to love a band with angst. Now Bono is just a megalomaniac. Anyway, feelings for Bono aside, “War” is a great album.

Little Earthquakes
35 – Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
That’s right. You heard me. I am a girl. Let’s move on.

34 – Stone Temple Pilots – No. 4
I really like this band and I really like their other albums too. I have no idea why this one is my favorite. I went through a phase where I pretty much listened to this album nonstop for a month. “I got You”, “Church on Tuesday” and especially “Sour Girl” are my favorites.

33 – Helmet – Meantime
I like to tell you when I like albums that Gabe hates, but he loves this one too. He wishes more bands were like Helmet. One time I saw Helmet live and I was very struck how they all looked exactly like regular guys. If one of them had jumped into the crowd he could have blended in and nobody would have known which one he was. In regards to the music – it’s heavy, it’s simple and it’s good.

1984 Van Halen
32 – Van Halen – 1984
Hey, you guys know that riff from the beginning of “Drop Dead Legs”? Yeah, that part is awesome.

Honey's Dead
31 – The Jesus Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead
I can’t really speak intelligently on The Jesus Mary Chain, this is the only one of their albums I’ve ever owned. From what I understand it is a little bit different from their other stuff. This is one of those albums that I was exposed to when I worked at a record store. It is dancy and dark at the same time. You don’t get that much.

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  1. Your list continues to rock!

    Crue, U2, Tori, and Van Halen will all be making appearances on my list (but for different albums). And Jesus & Mary Chain and STP almost made my list.

    But for some reason, I could never, ever, ever get into Metallica.

  2. I have to agree with Chag on Metallica…it’s mysterious to me that I like the rock so much, yet could never warm to Metallica. Some of these other albums will be making appearances shortly. And “Unsung” by Helmet…one of the GREATEST SONGS EVER.

    You rock!

  3. I’m surprised about you two an Metallica.

    I guess it saves you guys from the pain and shame of how bad they suck now.

  4. I am really convinced Sarah and my husband MUST be swimming in the same gene pool. There music taste, minus Tori Amos, matches perfectly.

  5. I was introduced to Metallica via the black album and was 12 at the time. In retrospect I realize that this album was the beginning of the end for Metallica but without it, I might have never started listening in the first place. I could ramble on about my relationship with the band, but that would be insanely boring.

    War is the only U2 album I own, and the only one I ever will own. Well, Christina also has Joshua Tree. And I also think that as an album Exodus stands out. And then Obituary. I don’t own any of their stuff, but listened to a lot of death metal at one point. For some reason though, I did not purchase a lot of CDs during that time, so there is almost no trace of it in my collection. I had tapes that I made from friends’ CDs.

  6. I once ruined a sure thing hook-up with a total hottie guy at college by putting on Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes (and I feel like it might have been, specifically, ‘Me and a Gun’). Instead of having freaky sex, we ended up staring up at the ceiling, awash in buzzkill.


  7. ahem, I meant “their”. Did I right a booke? oy.

  8. Funny. That’s one of the few Jesus and Mary Chain albums I don’t own. And I still can’t talk intelligently about them.

  9. Boy has to be the best U2 album, no? War is great, but I like Boy more. That was a very strange sentence.

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