Live From BlogHer – Episode 1

I forgot that California has midget showers. The shower head is so low that if I aim it straight out it hits me in the neck.

By the time Devra and I got here last night the bar was closed.

Devra is aiming to be the shortest person here. At 4′ 10 3/4″ I think she has a good shot. (If you are shorter and you are here, please don’t tell her. She’ll be devestated.)

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  1. Have a drink or two or three for me!! Have fun!

  2. Even if she’s not the shortest adult there, Devra can take comfort in the fact that she can shower with ease.

  3. Have lots of fun!! Relax, sleep late, drink a lot, laugh a lot!!

  4. Have a blast! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. I wanna go to Blogher!

    Say hi to my cousin Maggie (mightygirl) for me!

  6. I don’t know about midget showers, but my Pennsylvania grandmother used to refer to toilet seat covers in public restrooms that were in the stall (vs grab one before you go in) as “california style”.

  7. Nice to meet you!!!

  8. Hey SARAH!! I saw your picture on Mocha’s flickr! You look gorgeous girl! Are you partying up a storm??

  9. Hey, Sarah. Get me some 00 (as in double-zero) size jeans for me while you’re out there. You know. So I can say I have a pair. Speaking of that … when I heard such things actually exist, I was like, well, if you get to a size zero, don’t you just go *poof* and disappear?

  10. I had the same issue too, and I’m not exactly giant (5’7″ on a good day). Tho, FYI not all rooms were created equal. I bunked with 2 roommates on nights 2&3 of my stay, and the shower was a touch higher — at least ot a point where I didn’t have to play Crouching Shower, Hidden Shampoo.

  11. I prefer “vertically challenged” to “midget”. Let’s not get all pejorative with my diminuitive stature shall we, lest we belittle the little.

    Next year I am definitely bringing the kick ass platforms though…

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