Live From BlogHer – Worst Picture Ever Caption Contest

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  1. “Who pooped on the powerbook?”


    “Somebody tell the Kaiser to put it away.”


    “How should I know if my phone has a camera?”

  2. “Tell the Kaiser that there is ointment for that, and not to touch the Queen with it for 14 days.”

  3. Sarah and The Kaiser were left speechless when a drunken, flirtatious Dooce invited them to take a close look at more than just her every day life.

  4. Um, yeah. I have no words, but I can’t wait for the context of that shot!

  5. I was just relieved to read the other comments and realize that was the Kaiser, not Devra.

  6. I was thinking the same thing as lumpyheadsmom.

  7. Put your boobs away! That was so yesterday.

  8. Oh no, folks. That’s Devra. There is a much more manly pic of the Kaiser coming.

    I think he’s holding a purse

  9. Devra: Whoa. What the HELL is the Queen doing with her boob?!?

    Sarah: Eh. Seen it before.

  10. “You want to post WHAT on your blog?”

  11. Or…
    Sarah and Devra as seen from the Queens Blowjob Cam.


  12. Oh my god these are so funny! It was lovely to meet you this weekend. Thanks for being naughty with me! I never found you again after you guys left for supplies. Bummer!

    (I just spent WAY to much time staring at that picture, trying to be the funniest, but the pressure was just too great.)

  13. Famous last words: Trust me. This is a good angle. I do these pop-art photos all the time, and they always turn out great.

  14. Whoa I bet that hurt, do you think we should help him up or leave him there?

  15. Grab a pillow–we need to finish him off.

  16. “How do you think that thing takes pictures anyway?”
    “Yup. And a hamster wheel.”
    “You need to lay off the booze.”

  17. I don’t have a caption, but your boobs are lookin’ fine there, sistah. I miss you already…. *sob*

  18. I give up Gidge got it right? reeeeigght?

  19. “Titties are so yesterday. Get that camera lower. Looooower.”

  20. So does that mean this is a manly picture of me?????

  21. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Looks like I missed a good time. Matti would be proud to know you’re still party like a rock star! I was on the other coast, hosting a pirate birthday party…

  22. Devra, if it makes you feel any better, I knew that was you. So glad I got to meet you on Saturday night before I crashed and burned!

    I can’t think of a caption, but Sarah looks slightly disgusted and Devra looks morbidly curious.

  23. Mothergoosemouse, “morbidly curious” is a perfect description! I told Sarah my *look* reminds me of those animals which come up to your car in a drive thru zoo.

    Loved meeting you too! Come to NOVA and see Sarah…and me!

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